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a few updates

1. I still hate, no correction I hate his Mother even more.

2. Chase slept 4 hours in a row and went 5 hours between feedings the past 3 nights. so I got 4 hours and then 3 hours of glorious sleep!! he’s still drinking 5oz every 3 to 4 hours during the day tho, porker. and he does two-2 hour naps a day.

3. I went to work today. I worked from 10 to 2 (Anders had a delayed opening, 2 inches what was the point?) It was wonderful, I didn’t miss any of my boys or even think about them and I was a little bummed the day flew by. is that bad? Walker said I just don’t love them anymore. I said maybe ha ha ha.

4. meds are at full force, but I’m thinking about asking for double, which is the standard amount for most people. I just still feel a little off.

5. i just gave Walker the finger through the wall as he went into the kitchen. ok so I started that again 🙂

6. I told the baby he sucked last night at 230 am when he’d been up for almost 2 hours with no burp.

7. I have no idea when i will feel 100% but I bet I won’t remember these days as quite as bad in 4 months huh?

8. I had sex before the Dr okayed it (it had been 6 weeks recovery time) it was uncomfortable in a virginal sort of way and wonderful at the same time. I decided I wanted to be a nympho at around the same time walker decided he was exhausted and needed to do more adult things… I can’t win ha ha ha

9. the weather sucks, I’m sick of 0 degrees wind chill with a 50 degree day thrown in once a week, enough!!

10. that is all