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I know some of you find my sarcasm and tactless negativity funny. Hey I’m a classy contender in the running for Mother of the Year!!

This started as a way to cope with losing a child, a grain of rice sized embryo, which despite it’s short gestation broke my heart and will never be forgotten.

I have 2 boys. One almost 10 the other almost 2 (I know fellow bloggers 2). The amount of stress, humor, craziness and happiness these two cause my life will be blogged about. As well as my significant other. My family and friends will also make appearances.

This is no doubt, no longer a dead baby blog (as it so visibly started to veer away from more and more as time went on).

so if you’re staying for the ride, buckle up. It will be honest, brutal, witty, rude, funny and most of all. me

Missed you Love you hope to grab some new lurkers and see my old friends.

Welcome to my “new” old blog.