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oh Boy!!

Posted: 07/25/2008 in life
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verdict is in, baby is a boy!! yay! not only can they share a room but “MIL” was wrong and had to eat her annoying words (even tho she still said they could be wrong, just shut up and buy blue ya bitch, you lost ha ha) and for those critics who say they can make mistakes, we saw 5 shots 3 angles and his hands were over his face nearly the whole time (oh no baby papparazzi, no more pictures) ha ha

and best of all? I’m still the only princess in the castle, trust me its awesome to be spoiled by boys and treated special, even the dog is a boy 😉

here he is:  fake name: Eugene Hercules (priceless faces when we say this, we’re such jerks!)

baby boy at almost 20 weeks

baby boy at almost 20 weeks