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**lots of spelling and grammar mistakes and I don’t care, I typed this in like 2 minutes**


Automatic extension for unemployment. thats nice. I was told when I called late June or Early July I would get notice before I ran out. well I get my last check on Aug 27th. and I find out today that i have to FILE an application for the automatic extension….did these people have English in school?? AUTOMATIC….file an application??? WTF!?!?! I have to fill it out and have it to them BEFORE August 16. and I may not even start getting them for anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks which means I have absolutely NO income after August 27th. and rent and a truck payment that walker can not cover.

lets just say especially today there is no sunshine, and fittingly enough its stormy and thundering since 9am, before which looked like a picture perfect sunny day…sounds like my life.

anyone wanna purchase a baby in december? bad attempt at a joke, at least I tried.


I hate me again, I hate the world again and I am so siuck of feeling more and more distraught and hopeless as time goes by. I was told it all works out, things happen for a reason, and it would all eventually get better? when after I’m homeless? after my first child is taken away cause I can’t afford food and a roof? after I end up in a padded cell and my other child is taken away cause mental patients can’t raise children? when? cause I am so fucking sick of feeling like this I could SCREAM.


Posted: 07/28/2008 in life
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I’m bored, lonely, depressed, fat, hungry, annoyed,  tired, pissed off, low on cash and have no fucking job.

any questions?