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just saw this on a fertility site type place. I wasn’t looking for it just happened to see the question.

 Can I ovulate without ever seeing a positive OPK (Ovulation Prediction Kit) result?

Yes, it is possible to ovulate without ever seeing a positive OPK (or peak reading on your fertility monitor). OPKs are designed to detect the surge of luteinizing hormone in your urine. This is the last hormone to peak before ovulation and the hormone that is responsible for triggering the rupture of the ovarian sac. LH needs to surge in order for ovulation to occur, but in some cases, the pattern of your surge and the time you test (if you do not manage to capture the surge when you test) will not let you see a positive result. If you have a sharp LH surge, for example, you may take one test before your surge is detectable by your kit and another test when your LH has already begun to trail and is no longer detectable by the kit. Whether or not you see a positive OPK result, it is recommended to keep on having intercourse until ovulation is confirmed by a clear and sustained thermal shift and ovulation is detected on your chart.

so here’s my theory for today: I had the darkest line (not a confirmed positive) on CD 8 and then a fade out. Perhaps earlier that day or late the day before I had the surge, totally possible because you can ovulate 24 to 36 hours after. which would be CD day 11  or 12 if it’s late…so I just have to wait for my temps the next few days to see if my theory is right. this is such trial and error really ha ha  and I just noticed (TMI here again) watery CM…not EWCM yet but hey I may be on to something here….stay tuned for more musings from the ovulation detective….

opk’s are SO confusing!

Posted: 01/14/2008 in life
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ok , a few months ago I ordered these internet test strips. The positive has to be as dark or darker than the control line otherwise they are negative. got it, no problem.

 Last month 4 days after my period (CD 9) there was a distinct line not faint at all but definitely lighter then the control strip and the follwing day lighter than that and then non existant the next day. So I wonder did I ovulate like 2 days after a/f and catch it coming down?? no clue, I figure screw it and stop using them after day 14. Then I think well let’s test this theory and use them like the 2nd day after my period next time.

So this is SO weird, I test CD day 8, 2 days after a/f is completely gone. a line, not as dark as the control line but not faint, this is Saturday, yesterday lighter than that and today, nothing. WTF?! is it even possible to ovulate the day of or after a/f? and if so that shoots the luteal phase to complete hell no?  it’s just weird and a little confusing.

It’s more of a “are these complete shit?” experiment to go along with temping, for my own piece of mind, something to keep me busy I love experiments ha ha. We always have some LH in our systems but why would it be noticeable right after a/f and then disappear? I’m gonna post this and perhaps update it the next few days with what I see on the next few strips. It’s quite amazing how it should be and how it actually is, laughable now that I think about it. sorry for the really blurry pic doesn’t really do it justice but I was in a hurry and my camera phone sucks. And I do realize it means I could have ovulated soon after the darkest line but it’s just weird how I’ve never had the same darkness or darker with these and how they seem to fade out.