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Circus freaks

Posted: 10/25/2011 in life
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So we just spent a good twenty minutes with Chase being silly, wrestling, and quizzing him on animals and their sounds, counting, body parts and faces/moods.

This kid is way smarter than he lets on day to day. It just goes to show you that I need not worry about nanna not being the best at doing learning interactive stuff while watching him.

We did put him in daycare 2 days a week at a friends house. It’s made a big difference.

Anders has decided when he has too much homework he will “forget” it in his locker that way he had more time for playing with friends. The result….pissed off parents and no more play dates on school days. Dumb shit. I love how kids know everything and think they won’t get caught.
Hello! I did it already….everything you do or think of doing I’ve done, and I will bust you. You’re eleven, and dumb as bricks.

I wish I could send them both away until they are 22 with college degrees and non douche bags……..keep dreaming.

lotsa lotsa

Posted: 02/28/2011 in life
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possible catering business start up (we shall see I’m being reserved and mellow about it instead of going nuts about it).

Soccer round 2 starts in a few weeks.

I finally picked up the oil paints and brushes the other night and I have missed it a lot.

Chase’s Nana (that could be an entire blog onto itself but I will try to make it it’s own post soon).

Exercise and diet vs meds…hmmm there is def something to this theory.

These are feelers/post its reminding me what I need to blog about 🙂 see I’m here I swear!!

happy birthday baby

Posted: 11/07/2008 in life
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He’s 8. today he’s 8. and I’m sad about it.

first time he didn't cry on santas lap

first time he didn't cry


a boy and his dog

a boy and his dog

cliche as it is, it really does fly by. don’t blink.


Posted: 10/02/2008 in life, struggle
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It’s October!?!? what? that can’t be? it’s October? really? ha ha

My C-section has been scheduled for Dec 12, 2008 at 3 pm (giving me eating time up to 7 am…guess who’s getting up at 4 eating til 7 and going back to bed?) and also guess who is getting tol 5 or 6 pm and not 3? ha ha ha Walker’s mom. yeah she’s gotten on my last nerve for the last time and I am ready to blow, so in avoidance she gets lied to and then can deal with our way or not at all. For christ’s sake I’m 31 and this is my 2ndkid, I did alright so far with #1 and barely any help, now I have Walker.

So I’m nervous, it is surgery after all. andI am having those normal but irrational fears…what if something is wrong with him? what if something goes wrong? what if I am a horrible parent? and so on…normal and irrational. I am SUPER uncomfortable and in pain to the point of tears these days by 7pm. he has got to be VERY long because I know he’s awake by the instant burning stabbing pains in my right side ribs front andback that do not go away with tylenol, Ice barely helps and heat barely helps 😦 tylenolis like a cruel joke in the 3rd trimester…it’s like oh your leg is hanging on by a piece of skin? here’s a bandaid, the small round kind…asses!

The Dr told me (the only one of three I hadn’t seen yet and who is now my favorite!) I am the perfect pregnant woman, I gained the perfect amount of weight and she adores me. The baby is already head down, thus the rib kicking, he’s a nice sized boy as she says. he still has man junk, so no mistakes for his rude grandmother who was still hoping they were wrong, I only gained 4 more lbs (even being weighed after lunch) I’m at 29 1/2 weeks andI have gained a total of 21 lbs. How I did 45 lbs with anders and lived to tell about it I’ll never know.

My shower, that I had to quickly put together because my MIL failed miserably to do so in VA and nearly screwed us over is Nov 1 at my house. She’s an asshole. I made 2 lists, food and guests. half the guests offered to bring a tray of something and I ordered invites online that arrived in 4 days. They are mailed out and I have a complete menu for 20 to 25 ppl. Not bad for 2 days work huh? and she’s had since July and screwed it all up. the only reliable thing about walkers mom is that she is always 99% unreliable. I always forget about that….I won’t anymore.

so that’s my update folks. been busy with work, cleaning up MIL messes, planning a shower, Anders soccer and school blah blah blah….I am seriously looking fwd to Dec. last day of work is Dec 5th…I go back if all is well Jan 19th or so. that will be a nice break.

Hope all is well, I miss you and have tried to leave a comment here or there for you guys, but I will be back on here this weekend with pics and another post as I only have Soccer at 10 am Sat and Anders is with his Dad this weekend…ahhh relaxation.

I can feel my calves getting tight while I sit here wandering online. something that has become a luxury since work and school have taken over my time, and then add fatigue and all the rest of my regular days, dinner, baths whatever.

A shower feels like running a marathon, I haven’t been able to see my lady parts in some time, so I am guessing it looks like a one eyed lady with a cataract in her good eye wielding hedge trimmers was doing my upkeep. at least I still have my sense of humor ha ha. and shaving my legs or tying my shoes (if the shoes even still fit) are quite amusing to onlookers or potential onlookers). I barely sleep due to pee or just being in pain or uncomfortable. when I do pee little bear thinks its party time for an hour and he grows chuck norris strong by the day. Walker winces when he sees the abuse my abdomen is taking…I always add and its inside too where you can’t see so feel even worse for me. My ribs on my right side are so sore and sensitive I have wondered if they’ve cracked and can barely keep in a scream if I accidentally bump them. Acid reflux and heartburn are super common anytime I eat anything sweet…you can guess what I crave naturally…sweets. I’m not complaining, I’m being realistic. it isn’t all pretty flowers and booties and glowing mommies. its pain discomfort and loss of control of your own body and mind. albeit for only like 3 more months….can I do it?

the good news? oh there is some…12 weeks left. uh huh. I’m still rather slim and look ridiculously adorable despite feeling like thrice regurgitated and spit up hair balls daily. So I look great, feel somewhat crappy and I’m almost done baking. The weather is cooler and so nice, the days have been busier and flying by. My mom is visiting next week for my sisters wedding shower and will be back in Nov for the wedding and Dec for the baby.

Work is ok, boring, nice, ok. no one sucks yet, no one os mean and I get paid to work…so I won’t complain about accounting and numbers making me yawn more than is appropriate…I miss you all and love you all, and I’m here, i’m catching up…slowly but surely  🙂

27 weeks- 12 to go

27 weeks- 12 to go

here, kinda, sorta

Posted: 03/30/2008 in healing, life
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It’s been busy crazy around here lately. My parents are here which is wonderful and Anders is loving it even more than I am. On the 4th Walker, Anders and I will be driving down with them. I just need a few days in the sun before dealing with the early spring frostiness. eww it’s been cold. My parents with their “southern blood” have been complaining that 55 is freezing and wearing thick jackets outside ha ha. lots of cooking, lots of eating, lots of laughing…I’m happy.

Meds are doing their job, which is good. But i can’t help but feel that pull and that longing of wanting to make a baby every now and again BUT i have to go off meds the whole time. So I know it’s a catch 22 and while i don’t dwell i can’t help but still long to have it happen. i reason with myself for a minute and i deal.

I’ve read a few posts and commented a little. Since I had 15 minutes alone i figured I’d take advantage. Miss you all and sending you all love and good thoughts.

quick update

Posted: 03/10/2008 in life
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My Aunt has taken a turn for the worst and they’re saying she has days. 2-3 weeks ago they were saying May or June. My sister and I are flying down to Florida first thing tomorrow morning to be with her and my parents and the rest of our family. She has accepted that this is happening, she’s just waiting on us, everyone else is there already. This is going to hit my father harder than almost anyone else because they are as close as a mother and son and sister and brother can be. They buried their parents and their other two brothers together, he’s the last one left standing, and I’m telling her that he won’t be coming for a long long time. His side of the family doesn’t live past 64, no one has. Cancer or Heart attacks, mainly cancer. My Aunt is only 59 years old. This is so devastating because she was like my grandmother because I didn’t get to know her at all, she passed away when I was about a year old. So with a heavy heart I will fly down and say goodbye…to another family member that this awful disease has stolen from me. Cancer, I hate you.