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Posted: 05/07/2008 in life
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So I made it to 8. I switched taking my vitamins until at dinner or later and the nausea has been substantially lessened but then I worry about less symptoms. never win. Blood test today or whatever. 1st trimester screening or something. Nothing abnormal in my counts from Friday, that’s a good thing. Told 2 or 3 people that I’m close to, in case I need support or something.

Anders has been eating like a teenager. I associate this with baseball. The mornings after practice he eats 2 breakfasts, and last Saturday after the game we went to see Ironman and he ate 3 slices of pizza. 3! Walker ate 3, his Uncle Jeff ate 3 and my 7 year old ate 3. it’s insane, I feel a major growth spurt coming this summer. It makes me a little sad, a little happy and miss him being small and dependent on me. While i am glad I do not have to do everything for him and he’s come so far I am realizing I have to start all over again. full dependency, diapers, no sleep, bottles, omg you’d think it was my first one. I’m nervous and anxious. Walker is cute, a little detached, underlying worry and happy. he has no idea what he’s in for. none. that will be amusing. I will be the calm one who’s been there and is calm and wise…that will be nice.

I hope everyone out there has a sunny day that brings a smile or two because you surely deserve it for being the wonderful women you are.