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I should, but let’s see how well I actually do.

I have decided that at least once a week I will find a blog and read it in it’s entirety (now if said blog is years long I’m ok if it takes longer, but I read quickly).

I have decided I should blog more often. It seems i wait until I feel completely out of my mind, or sad, or frustrated or angry, I post 2 or 3 posts and then take a vacation.

I have also decided to try and stop putting sadness and frustration into obsessing about my cycle. Easier said than done but I know full well it stems from sadness, frustration and the loss I had in September. I know this because from February 2007 until then I was fine with not being obsessed even tho we were unofficially trying without trying. I didn’t over analyze every twinge and headache and mood for days and then get upset when I got a/f.  I said well let’s try again we have another month. and it really felt like no big deal. I’m 30 and if Holly Hunter can have twins at 47 then I shouldn’t be too worried about ttc within the next year or so.

 I should also add that I need to, um stop using food as therapy as well because i find myself upset when my clothes look and fit like crap, but don’t seem to care or even think about that fact when stuffing my face. but I won’t add it yet cause I’m not ready to, I know I’m not, I’m SO lazy. Mind you I’m kinda tiny as is, but I bought a size or two bigger a year ago and resigned to be ok not being sickly skinny like when I was 20 anymore, I am however not ready to move up another size again either. So for now I will remain in body image limbo/laziness besides it’s winter here and I won’t run when it’s freezing out anyway 😉 (see lazy).

 *update- This week I have read an entire blog already. I have also posted more this week and am thinking of a few posts for the near future.

I have started charting my BBT in hopes that once I nail down an actual ovulation or two or three in the upcoming months it will actually be less of a guessing game and less of an obsession cause I didn’t have ovulation pin pointed. I know some people can obsess about BBT but I’m mainly doing it to make sure I ovulate and see if it’s relatively the same time each month to ease my mind and make the 3 days before a/f less stressful. so far so good.

 I actually did some sit ups a few mornings this week and I have encorporated more vegetables and fruit into my otherwise dominated by carbs diet, I like to snack and it’s ready made (chips, pretzles, doritos) I have been chopping up the veggies and fruit at night to take to work as snacks, I still eat my carbs cause I love them, just less. and I have made dinner include 2 veggies instead of 1. (Walker has been working out and there is no way I’m gonna let him look hot and me dumpy, then I’ll never want to take my clothes off ha ha). so I haven’t committed to it but I’ve made a few changes. all that and it’s only thursday!! Happy Thursday everyone!!

Monica- email me your address so when I finish your piece of art I can mail it. I was thinking pencil/charcoal and I’ll mat it for you so it’s ready to frame if you like. if you prefer a painting instead let me know. for those of you who have NO IDEA what I’m talking about please see     Monica is the only one that requested something so feel free to add a request! (look at me linking posts! ha ha)