For my baby seester

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My sister has been TTC for over 3 years…no luck.

3 rounds of clomid….no luck. She ovulates irregularly or not at all on her own (been this way since she was 16 maybe??)

She’s a little overweight and the Dr told her to cut down sugar and lose a little weight. Her ovaries are almost as large as her uterus. YIKES…

So please send some good vibes my way as I would like a neice to spoil and not have to live with ha ha ha.

She decided to turn over a new leaf of healthy eating, less stress and taking care of herself in general, things she has been avoiding dealing with by eating as a comfort (don’t we all know that ??).

So here’s to hoping I will finally be an Aunt for the first time by next year 🙂



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someone who has been a fixture in my life for over 2 years got some wonderful news and shared it with us. I am so happy for my friend Monica. She is a wonderful person and deserves this and SO MUCH MORE. Hope is a wonderful thing 🙂

Love you Monica!!! (did I use wonderful enough?? ha ha)

So I kept a Gerbera Daisy alive through the winter and it is about to bloom 5 flowers 🙂 (I have tried this feat for years and failed!)

I know I have several things to digress about and share (if anyone still reads it). So I’m just sitting here debating my topic du jour.

Monster in Law (technically not since no vows were ever or will ever be exchanged but big diff).

The woman is unreliable and for lack of a better term stupid. She is our child care from 3 months to 27 months and would you believe I found out the minute I left for work she switched his pre school programs to soap net?? yeah. She was talked to about it several times. A few weeks ago I ended up driving to work in deadly white out conditions, needless to say I made it 1/3 of the way nearly did a 180 and turned around, I was out the door all of 40 mins, when I walked in she had soap net on. Anders tells me the reason he doesn’t stay home on his days off from school is “because all she does is talk on the phone and watch TV”. No wonder the kid didn’t start talking until now.

She also lets him whine whine whine and gives in ALL the time, now fine you’re Nana that’s what they do Fuck that she is in MY HOUSE and not following my rules. Take him to your house then. She lets him sleep on the couch despite being told over and over we do not want him on it we want him in bed. Guess who started fighting going to bed again? Yep and when we finally got pissed and were stern with her she laughed, looked at Chase and said uh oh I guess we’re in trouble and dismissed us. Are you fucking kidding me??

So we have a whiner, who refuses to stay in his bed, and a $1500 couch that gets stained frequently enough for me to want to burn it instead of clean it & a woman who does not give a shit about anything we say as parents. well…I can’t wait to tell her we only need her 4 days a week all summer and 3 days a week starting in September. I am taking Mondays off from work all summer and then my very good friend’s sister runs a daycare in her home (licensed etc, she was an elementary art teacher for years now a stay at home mom who runs a small daycare). and Just by adding 3 hours to my work week (a total of 28 hours a week instead of 25) we can afford to have him in a learning, child friendly environment.

My Goal is by Sept. 2012 to not have her watching him at all. I can’t stand it. Walker and I fought and argued and it was like banging our heads against a wall until he finally saw it, what she was doing, or not doing rather. I said put your child first, your Mom is a grown woman and is ruining our child and stunting him in MANY way developmentally and having good intentions isn’t good enough. (and none of this is bringing up the fact that she would up and leave for time in VA with no notice and call the day she was supposed to return to extend her trip…yeah she’s that kind of asshole) at what point does free child care start feeling like its costing you more than paid child care??? That’s where I’m at.  My poor smart boy who just wants to go go go, and learn and explore ended up with a lazy Nana who apparently decided now that he isn’t a tiny infant she doesn’t want to put forth the effort.

We have begun potty training (its not consistent when she’s around). He talks more everyday thankfully because of playdates with kids about a year older and Anders who have helped him along quickly. We have started the process of de-whining him as well ha ha ha this consists of “This is not Nana’s house and Nana is not here, stop whining”. It has been working, slowly.

We shall see if we can turn this little devil into my little angel…..ha ha ha

Chase 27 Months

Anders 10yrs Chase 2yrs

lotsa lotsa

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possible catering business start up (we shall see I’m being reserved and mellow about it instead of going nuts about it).

Soccer round 2 starts in a few weeks.

I finally picked up the oil paints and brushes the other night and I have missed it a lot.

Chase’s Nana (that could be an entire blog onto itself but I will try to make it it’s own post soon).

Exercise and diet vs meds…hmmm there is def something to this theory.

These are feelers/post its reminding me what I need to blog about 🙂 see I’m here I swear!!


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I haven’t lost my voice, in fact I have stories a plenty and blog ideas out wazoo, its just making the time to post them. stupid busy crazyness.


I swear I’m here and I will be back (like old times) once I figure out how to balance all that is my life and all that I’ve taken on, sometimes I think I bit off more than I can chew…actually I know I did. But despite all the crazy I’m happy. I just miss my bloggy friends 😦  a lot

Tryptophan Induced Coma

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So back in the day (before my parents abandoned us for Sunny Florida) We used to spend the whole week of Thanksgiving baking, cooking, laughing & listening to Christmas Music. I’m talking Bing Crosby, Brenda Lee, Elvis old school type stuff.(Even my Grinchy Father couldn’t dampen our spirit).

I haven’t been in the mood this week to do any of it. In fact I feel pretty Blue today. I made a mix 2 years ago of the music Mom liked and played for us. I put it in my truck this morning thinking “hey maybe this will put me in the mood”. WRONG…I was almost in tears by the 3rd song. I miss my parents especially around the Holidays. Family is a big theme throughout and if it weren’t for Walker, the kids and some CLOSE, like family neighbors and my Best Friend I’d probably spend the Holidays in bed cranky and sad.

So tonight, my sister and a mutual friend are coming over to help me bake (I host Thanksgiving every year) and I vow to try my hardest to have fun, enjoy the company, the task and possibly the music. I wish the Dr had prescribed the xanax when I asked for it. Stupid anxiety has me all screwed up this year. I may switch Dr’s just to get anxiety meds. I’m tired of feeling like this.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Over the past 10 years as a Mom I always saw these Mothers spread too thin, disheveled, complaining of little time and little rest. I always said I would NEVER ever be that Mom. The soccer team manager, the PTO lady, Classroom volunteer etc.

Since August/September my Mom resume has included:

  • Travel Soccer Team Manager
  • PTO Mom
  • Classroom Volunteer
  • and Staring Early Nov. Church Choir for Christmas Mass.
  • and up until Oct Breast Cancer Walk Team Captain
  • Toddler wrangler and all around Tantrum Prevention
  • and work at a real job

so yep, I’m that Mom. ha ha ha Granted I am rarely visibly disheveled and always try to look my best while spread so thin.

Soccer ended last Sunday. It was in general 10 weeks of hell. cry baby parents who think they know better but refuse to volunteer any time yet feel the need to tell the coaches how to coach and me how to manage.  It’s interesting the unrealistic expectations of parents who have only done pansy organized sports up to age 9. Travel is REAL and INTENSE and the coaches are no longer going to baby your sons. Time to buck up and build some character.

We had a kid who would take everything said to the team as a whole personally.  He would cry to his Mother and she would in turn call the coaches complaining about the way they spoke to the kids and demanding an apology. Keep in mind the worst they have ever said was: guys the defense fell apart this game, you need to start implementing what we learn at practice because as a team we are not playing well at all on game day.

Really? Thats it? Football coaches call their players at any age “girls” sissy’s” “old ladies” “losers”…they are made to do push ups and run when being punished and made to cry on field and deal with it. I think This kid and this Mom need to get over it or not be in Travel Soccer come spring. All 3 coaches and myself have had it with his Mom. The coaches do not need to coddle your kid, you need to stop coddling him and help him turn that worry into motivation, learn to deal with it and it will help you in your entire life deal with difficult situations.

I can totally see this kid at his first job at 16, Mom my boss yelled at me and it made me sad. The Mom calls the boss and demands an apology. Get Real you pain in the ass!! I called my kid Sophia (circa the Golden Girls) for a week after he kicked shitty in a game. He laughed and shrugged it off.

So here’s a VERY full glass of lemonade and HALF sweet tea vodka to the end of the season, see you dumbasses at the end of February with a steel spine and better resolve for your drama 🙂

Hope all is well in Blog land, it’s time for me to once again go play catch up with my favorites 🙂