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So I kept a Gerbera Daisy alive through the winter and it is about to bloom 5 flowers 🙂 (I have tried this feat for years and failed!)

I know I have several things to digress about and share (if anyone still reads it). So I’m just sitting here debating my topic du jour.

Monster in Law (technically not since no vows were ever or will ever be exchanged but big diff).

The woman is unreliable and for lack of a better term stupid. She is our child care from 3 months to 27 months and would you believe I found out the minute I left for work she switched his pre school programs to soap net?? yeah. She was talked to about it several times. A few weeks ago I ended up driving to work in deadly white out conditions, needless to say I made it 1/3 of the way nearly did a 180 and turned around, I was out the door all of 40 mins, when I walked in she had soap net on. Anders tells me the reason he doesn’t stay home on his days off from school is “because all she does is talk on the phone and watch TV”. No wonder the kid didn’t start talking until now.

She also lets him whine whine whine and gives in ALL the time, now fine you’re Nana that’s what they do Fuck that she is in MY HOUSE and not following my rules. Take him to your house then. She lets him sleep on the couch despite being told over and over we do not want him on it we want him in bed. Guess who started fighting going to bed again? Yep and when we finally got pissed and were stern with her she laughed, looked at Chase and said uh oh I guess we’re in trouble and dismissed us. Are you fucking kidding me??

So we have a whiner, who refuses to stay in his bed, and a $1500 couch that gets stained frequently enough for me to want to burn it instead of clean it & a woman who does not give a shit about anything we say as parents. well…I can’t wait to tell her we only need her 4 days a week all summer and 3 days a week starting in September. I am taking Mondays off from work all summer and then my very good friend’s sister runs a daycare in her home (licensed etc, she was an elementary art teacher for years now a stay at home mom who runs a small daycare). and Just by adding 3 hours to my work week (a total of 28 hours a week instead of 25) we can afford to have him in a learning, child friendly environment.

My Goal is by Sept. 2012 to not have her watching him at all. I can’t stand it. Walker and I fought and argued and it was like banging our heads against a wall until he finally saw it, what she was doing, or not doing rather. I said put your child first, your Mom is a grown woman and is ruining our child and stunting him in MANY way developmentally and having good intentions isn’t good enough. (and none of this is bringing up the fact that she would up and leave for time in VA with no notice and call the day she was supposed to return to extend her trip…yeah she’s that kind of asshole) at what point does free child care start feeling like its costing you more than paid child care??? That’s where I’m at.  My poor smart boy who just wants to go go go, and learn and explore ended up with a lazy Nana who apparently decided now that he isn’t a tiny infant she doesn’t want to put forth the effort.

We have begun potty training (its not consistent when she’s around). He talks more everyday thankfully because of playdates with kids about a year older and Anders who have helped him along quickly. We have started the process of de-whining him as well ha ha ha this consists of “This is not Nana’s house and Nana is not here, stop whining”. It has been working, slowly.

We shall see if we can turn this little devil into my little angel…..ha ha ha

Chase 27 Months

Anders 10yrs Chase 2yrs


so i don’t have much time to write the blog I want. This economy is slowly killing us consumers.

Walker isn’t getting a raise or bonus this year (but they are doing that to not have lay offs, so thats good). But we seem to be paying more and taking in less. it never ends.

I’m going to ask the bosses for a couple extra hours a week to help out. 2 kids birthdays (1 with a party at a hall) and Christmas….I know right now we don’t have it. So we gotta figure out ways to budget better, cut back, stop bleeding money.

anyone have any suggestions that are right under my nose and I don’t see them? (like most people).

9 months

9 months

I’m feeling better, most days.

Chase’s Dr said He doesn’t need to eat. Starving kids sleep 12 hours all over the world. Do not feed him for at least 7 hours, do not pick him up, do not make eye contact. Tell him its bed time and let him cry. the first day it took an hour, he slept 6 in a row after that, 15 mins and back to bed after eating. The next night about 40 mins and slept for 6 1/2 ate and back to bed (he eats around 5 and sleeps again til 6:45) Last night he did about6 1/2. I know he can go 7 to 8 hours without a bottle the new problem is he has a bottle at 6 or 7 and goes to bed (we can not stop him he’s miserable) then he wants a bottle at 11 or so and then he gets up around 5, so it would work perfectly if he ate at 9 and slept til 5 but he won’t stay up past 7:30 pm. ) ANY suggestions???

he is getting better slowly, which is great, his timing is just seriously off. He eats a lot of solid food and stage 3 so the Dr said he’s not hungry he’s playing you, but I can’t in good conscience make him got from 6:30 pm until 6 am without a bottle cause he only takes 6oz at a time. Basically we need to shift him up to eating at 8 or 9 and then going to bed…but how????????

***and thanks to Monica for donating to our team for the breast cancer walk!! More people should be like you!!! Hope starts with US!!!!

1. the guy seems nice but he does this weird uh huh thing thats almost like a grunt and he does it after EVERYTHING I say. annoying!

2. It was basically a summary of the past 8 years-ish, my ex, my relationship with my parents then and now kinda thing, what brings me back to therapy? blah blah blah.

3. He seemed to be pushing hard the idea that Walker isn’t pulling his weight…but really pushing. Is therapy about blame??? So next week I am going to tell him ALL walker does do. Yeah he could be a lil more helpful and supportive but he’s not a slacker or an asshole. He works 45 to 55 hours a week to make up for me not working full time, he picks up every other sunday work. He pays a lot more of our bills without taking from me. he tries his best. i just feel like the guy made a somewhat quick judgement without all the facts. I’ll give him 4 appts, if he still annoys me and is big on blame, I’m out.

*don’t get me wrong he added a lil fault with me but i just felt like he “attacked” walker’s character or something. the man is a saint for putting up with me most of the time.

and other tall tales 🙂

hello all, remember me? I have been hiding underground, trying to avoid everything, it’s so not working. I told myself for the last 2 weeks write a blog, read some blogs…and never got to it.

Chase slept better and in his crib for like 3 weeks…yay. BUT Walkers nephew and neice are up with his sister. Since his Mom watches Chase guess where they are all day? My house disrupting naps and schedules. His crib was in Anders room, now it is in our room so he can nap…which he isn’t doing well cause of said children’s ruckus. His Mom went in for emergency Gall Bladder surgery 2 weeks ago Saturday, so Walker’s Sister has been “helping” more like being a royal pain in the lazy effing bitch. So with Chase’s crib in our room, we don’t let him cry it out as much because he’s in our room and hello we need sleep. and even though he was doing great he started not sleeping the other day, screaming, nothing worked. not gas meds, not tylenol, not diaper changing nothing so guess who’s in our bed again. 2 days of this and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a miniature tooth stub broken through the gums!! OMG he has a tooth. OMG he’s a HORRIBLE teether. he hasn’t slept for 4 days, neither have we…yay. I have resigned myself for the fact that he will always be the “worst case scenario” according to the stats. as in: most babies once the first tooth breaks through have an easier time. Chase has decided he will never be “most babies”.

I’m tired, I’m always broke and I just keep feeling like I should look at the good and know eventually it will get better and just thinking there has got to be something more. my gratitude journal has consisted of things like: twisted teas, true blood with my sister, my hair still rocks,  walker staying up with Chase one night here and there so I can sleep a little.

obviously everyone being healthy and all that is also but how sad are the rest of those? ha ha. I even have to laugh at myself. it could be worse and I need to remember that.

so you’re not missing nothing by missing my attendance here really. but I am missing a lot on here by not being here so it’s time to play catch up yet again.

oh wait I fell off the exercise wagon because of non sleeping child and non helping in the am walker…haven’t gained it back yet but it hasn’t changed so there’s another defeat I’m seriously feeling inside and out.


so I skipped a weeks worth of workouts, due to not feeling well and the days I did Chase got up at 5 and Walker didn’t bother getting him. seriously pissing me off in the process.

Despite that because of the way i have strictly stuck to my healthier eating choices i still lost a bit of weight.  So in 2 weeks, with only 7 workouts I lost 6lbs and 4 inches. yay! I worked out yesterday and will take a bike ride with Anders tonight. its amazing how a few lbs off on a scale can motivate you and help your spirits all in one…of course if I don’t work out it won’t last longer than a few days.

I was wondering if anyone in the North East has seen summer? If so can you call him and tell him he forgot a spot. Its rained 19 days of of 23 in June…we’re due for rain tonight and tomorrow…supposedly this weekend will be sunny and 80’s…I will believe it when I see it…

My MIL used to make me 15 mins late everyday for work, understandable she was working as a crossing guard…now that she’s off she’s still showing uplast minute…um hello 15 minutes loses me an hour and fifteen minutes of pay a week…so now I must say something. Also I took Mondays off (using my 10 vacation days) all summer. Walker told me she seemed upset cause she’ll miss a day with Chase…she’s a piece of work. I told her that would be beach or pool day and with 2 kids I will def require her help weeks ago…she really is an ass.