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Due to all the Patrick  posts on FB etc and the horror stories regarding abused animals that have been in the front of my mind we adopted a rescue dog.

At first I wanted an adult, lets face it no one wants a “grown dog” the same way most people don’t want to adopt a grown child, sad but true. Unfortunately having a 2 year old and a 6 year old male dog already I had to get a puppy BUT she was a rescue. She was abandoned with her mother and sister on the side of the road in a box. The same foster “mom” had them for 3 weeks. Her sister was adopted on Thursday (4/7) and we adopted her on Saturday (4/9).

She is 10 weeks old and the sweetest most well behaved thing I ever met. only 1 accident in the house in all these days. There is definitely a soft spot in my heart where rescues are concerned and I get SO upset when people buy a dog at a pet store. Because essentially you are paying professional animal abusers to…keep abusing. Meanwhile there are thousands upon thousands of homeless pets out there.

Here she is Sweet Savannah

(Goes nicely with Hurricane Memphis don’tcha think??)

Two for Tuesday :)

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Anders will be 10 in Nov. I can not believe he is this grown up already. and along with this new era of age comes new issues and new obstacles. Things which I don’t want to deal with, things I have no choice but to deal with and things I have no idea how to handle…should make for some great posts.









Chase will be 2 in Dec. my little man. He is ALL boy. Bruiser, dangerous, no fear, gives me a heart attack boy.All about his Dad, and jokes, and music. He cracks me up and breaks me down almost daily. It’s been one hell of a struggle these last two years and despite all the problems that have occurred since his birth, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. He’s perfect even when he’s terrible. (pssst Anders is still my favorite though ha ha)




so It’s May already. How in the hell did that happen?

Probably because I have been measuring my life in days and weeks alone. It’s easier to get through that way. This so far has been a good week.

I updated you on the kids, and sorta on Walker & I together. But here’s what’s going on with little ole’ me, you know the blog writer…or lacking writer whatevs.

Jewelry business is steady, its actually a little busier than I wanted but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth esp when he’s handing you money 🙂

I have been singing in my Sister & her Husband’s Church Choir. Just specialty masses, Easter, May Crowning…next is Christmas. It’s been good to get back into singing. I miss it, I love it I need it. There is also  larger choir that does Requiem’s and Opera’s and such twice a year. It’s a lot of work and commitment so I haven’t volunteered yet but I will eventually. Singing is like my painting but it’s a much quicker forceful gratification and release of emotion. A painting is layers and layers that has to dry and be retouched.

Our basement flooded 2 months ago and I lost A LOT of art 😦  it happens. It was old art a lot from High School so it meant more to me than other stuff BUT it was in no way better art than my recent stuff. I have several projects in mind and have been itching to start some BUT with the flood, the basement is a MESS and we’re moving June 1st…so I wait and itch and crave…

I know it’s just an apartment but i feel like it’s a new chapter, a blank page, a fresh canvas and it will be better, get better from here. I am willing it to and working at it.

I had a good morning, my boys decided to love each other up over cereal and I got pics 🙂 enjoy:

10 months

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I can’t believe in 2 months Chase will be 1. it flew by.

eating grilled cheese with Daddy on Football Sunday:

gr cheese2

he sits! he nearly sleeps and he HATES tummy time more than I hate my closet. so no rolling over (twice for nana but so far nothing for Mommy and Daddy).








Anders is 11 days from being done with 2nd grade, playing baseball like a semi pro and part of an undefeated minor league team for our town…little league next year!