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Due to all the Patrick  posts on FB etc and the horror stories regarding abused animals that have been in the front of my mind we adopted a rescue dog.

At first I wanted an adult, lets face it no one wants a “grown dog” the same way most people don’t want to adopt a grown child, sad but true. Unfortunately having a 2 year old and a 6 year old male dog already I had to get a puppy BUT she was a rescue. She was abandoned with her mother and sister on the side of the road in a box. The same foster “mom” had them for 3 weeks. Her sister was adopted on Thursday (4/7) and we adopted her on Saturday (4/9).

She is 10 weeks old and the sweetest most well behaved thing I ever met. only 1 accident in the house in all these days. There is definitely a soft spot in my heart where rescues are concerned and I get SO upset when people buy a dog at a pet store. Because essentially you are paying professional animal abusers to…keep abusing. Meanwhile there are thousands upon thousands of homeless pets out there.

Here she is Sweet Savannah

(Goes nicely with Hurricane Memphis don’tcha think??)

So I kept a Gerbera Daisy alive through the winter and it is about to bloom 5 flowers 🙂 (I have tried this feat for years and failed!)

I know I have several things to digress about and share (if anyone still reads it). So I’m just sitting here debating my topic du jour.

Monster in Law (technically not since no vows were ever or will ever be exchanged but big diff).

The woman is unreliable and for lack of a better term stupid. She is our child care from 3 months to 27 months and would you believe I found out the minute I left for work she switched his pre school programs to soap net?? yeah. She was talked to about it several times. A few weeks ago I ended up driving to work in deadly white out conditions, needless to say I made it 1/3 of the way nearly did a 180 and turned around, I was out the door all of 40 mins, when I walked in she had soap net on. Anders tells me the reason he doesn’t stay home on his days off from school is “because all she does is talk on the phone and watch TV”. No wonder the kid didn’t start talking until now.

She also lets him whine whine whine and gives in ALL the time, now fine you’re Nana that’s what they do Fuck that she is in MY HOUSE and not following my rules. Take him to your house then. She lets him sleep on the couch despite being told over and over we do not want him on it we want him in bed. Guess who started fighting going to bed again? Yep and when we finally got pissed and were stern with her she laughed, looked at Chase and said uh oh I guess we’re in trouble and dismissed us. Are you fucking kidding me??

So we have a whiner, who refuses to stay in his bed, and a $1500 couch that gets stained frequently enough for me to want to burn it instead of clean it & a woman who does not give a shit about anything we say as parents. well…I can’t wait to tell her we only need her 4 days a week all summer and 3 days a week starting in September. I am taking Mondays off from work all summer and then my very good friend’s sister runs a daycare in her home (licensed etc, she was an elementary art teacher for years now a stay at home mom who runs a small daycare). and Just by adding 3 hours to my work week (a total of 28 hours a week instead of 25) we can afford to have him in a learning, child friendly environment.

My Goal is by Sept. 2012 to not have her watching him at all. I can’t stand it. Walker and I fought and argued and it was like banging our heads against a wall until he finally saw it, what she was doing, or not doing rather. I said put your child first, your Mom is a grown woman and is ruining our child and stunting him in MANY way developmentally and having good intentions isn’t good enough. (and none of this is bringing up the fact that she would up and leave for time in VA with no notice and call the day she was supposed to return to extend her trip…yeah she’s that kind of asshole) at what point does free child care start feeling like its costing you more than paid child care??? That’s where I’m at.  My poor smart boy who just wants to go go go, and learn and explore ended up with a lazy Nana who apparently decided now that he isn’t a tiny infant she doesn’t want to put forth the effort.

We have begun potty training (its not consistent when she’s around). He talks more everyday thankfully because of playdates with kids about a year older and Anders who have helped him along quickly. We have started the process of de-whining him as well ha ha ha this consists of “This is not Nana’s house and Nana is not here, stop whining”. It has been working, slowly.

We shall see if we can turn this little devil into my little angel…..ha ha ha

Chase 27 Months

Anders 10yrs Chase 2yrs

Anders: A & B student in his first year with real grades. he doesn’t even try and rarely studies, so I know he’ll be like me and have to study little to do well down the line. He’s getting that attitude, you know they I almost know everything and still have no idea when to quit when I’m ahead in the jokester dept. He’s pretty good, started his last year of baseball (says he doesn’t want to do little league, we’ll see). We decided we will get him a cell phone tho it will not be a social one. it will be for emergency and safety purposes only. The park is a block from our house as are his two best friends…I have to be ok with giving him a longer leash even tho it scares me to death. If I don’t let him make little mistakes now he’ll make HUGE ones later. So I will try, he understands if he screws up he loses the phone and the freedom.

Chase: Runs, Plays, Dances, Sings acts like a rejected monkey on crack (or just a baby on pop tarts) He’s always filthy, bleeding, drooling, coloring on walls, playing in things he shouldn’t and having the time of his life. he’s tall for his age. He doesn’t speak much AT ALL anymore (when he hits 18 months I’m calling early intervention to have him checked out if he isn’t speaking) He’s super smart, has a great memory and makes us all crack up laughing.  He sleeps pretty much through the night (ie: he wakes, fusses himself back to sleep 1 to 4 times a night) he’s still in our room so i am on the couch cause even tho he doesn’t GET up I wake up regardless.

We are moving to a 3 bedroom in June. HOORAY!!! He will be in his own room, unless he actually gets up and wakes up I will sleep in my bed all night. THIS IS HUGE!!!

Walker & I:  roller coaster of love & hate. slightly exaggerated (or not) I try to be calm, I try to take deep breaths, I try to remain positive and then he stresses out and acts like a douche. When I feel a mood or episode I WARN everyone in the house to back off, don’t start with me or lash out at me. What does Mr Genius do at these times?? you guessed it, acts like a douche. Now its not 24/7 but it’s been rough. real rough. We both thought about ending it. I guess as a last resort stressed out upset irrational thought it’s normal. But unlike my ex husband I love Walker, I still am in love with him and I want things to go back to fun and happier times.  I’m hoping the move helps with that as well cause add together crappy sleeping baby + crappy sleeping mommy+ baby in our room + me on the couch = less than stellar sex life…way less. sometimes I yell at him that if something doesn’t give I’ll get it elsewhere. sometimes I’m only half joking (i guess when I’m most manic). So 2 kids, that big of an age gap and 2 bedrooms** note to self NEVER do it!! it’s less than livable conditions…it’s awful!!!

I started a side business. home sales. jewelry. nothing crazy, maybe 2 shows a month. gets me out of the house, makes me a little extra cash and so far so good. my sponsor is super gung ho, I am super laid back, I could care less about doing shows all the time. I like my life just don’t mind a few hours away and extra $.

oh I have to leave a reminder here to write a post about my retarded sister and her even more retarded husband…good stuff!

all things October

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Breast Cancer Walk had 20,000 in the rain!! Our team raised almost $1000.00, I raised $350 of it. what a success!










Here’s our Pumpkins!












my sisters zombies

Dawn of the Dead- my sister













Anders' skull with web











My Jack Skellington











our friend liz's girly skull


gonna get you - my sister