Circus freaks

Posted: 10/25/2011 in life
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So we just spent a good twenty minutes with Chase being silly, wrestling, and quizzing him on animals and their sounds, counting, body parts and faces/moods.

This kid is way smarter than he lets on day to day. It just goes to show you that I need not worry about nanna not being the best at doing learning interactive stuff while watching him.

We did put him in daycare 2 days a week at a friends house. It’s made a big difference.

Anders has decided when he has too much homework he will “forget” it in his locker that way he had more time for playing with friends. The result….pissed off parents and no more play dates on school days. Dumb shit. I love how kids know everything and think they won’t get caught.
Hello! I did it already….everything you do or think of doing I’ve done, and I will bust you. You’re eleven, and dumb as bricks.

I wish I could send them both away until they are 22 with college degrees and non douche bags……..keep dreaming.

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