How do you get passed something

Posted: 10/19/2011 in life

I’m angry, very angry. I feel Lost and alone and broken and unappreciated and unloved. I feel like a failure.

I want to be happy I want to start over, move passed the crap and learn to be happy again. I don’t know how to do it.

How do 2 people go through turmoil, anger, resentment, general bullshit to the point that is all their is and get past it? I feel stuck in a vicious cycle. In limbo. Fix it and move on and be happy or end it and move on and eventually be happy. HOW does one move on together? forgive, forget and never ever bring up all that anger and pain??

I do not know anyone who has done it, no one. Everyone realizes it is easier to quit, give up and move on. It is in some aspects, especially in the forgive and forget, no need, it’s over no need to forgive and work at things. NEXT!!!

I want to “shit or get off the pot” so to speak. Nail down which it is and figure out how in the hell to go about doing it.

Anyone gone through some serious anger resentment issues with a loved one and actually moved on with them and had it work??

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