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Posted: 02/28/2011 in life
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possible catering business start up (we shall see I’m being reserved and mellow about it instead of going nuts about it).

Soccer round 2 starts in a few weeks.

I finally picked up the oil paints and brushes the other night and I have missed it a lot.

Chase’s Nana (that could be an entire blog onto itself but I will try to make it it’s own post soon).

Exercise and diet vs meds…hmmm there is def something to this theory.

These are feelers/post its reminding me what I need to blog about 🙂 see I’m here I swear!!


Posted: 02/15/2011 in life

I haven’t lost my voice, in fact I have stories a plenty and blog ideas out wazoo, its just making the time to post them. stupid busy crazyness.


I swear I’m here and I will be back (like old times) once I figure out how to balance all that is my life and all that I’ve taken on, sometimes I think I bit off more than I can chew…actually I know I did. But despite all the crazy I’m happy. I just miss my bloggy friends 😦  a lot