Two for Tuesday :)

Posted: 10/19/2010 in burst my heart

Anders will be 10 in Nov. I can not believe he is this grown up already. and along with this new era of age comes new issues and new obstacles. Things which I don’t want to deal with, things I have no choice but to deal with and things I have no idea how to handle…should make for some great posts.









Chase will be 2 in Dec. my little man. He is ALL boy. Bruiser, dangerous, no fear, gives me a heart attack boy.All about his Dad, and jokes, and music. He cracks me up and breaks me down almost daily. It’s been one hell of a struggle these last two years and despite all the problems that have occurred since his birth, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. He’s perfect even when he’s terrible. (pssst Anders is still my favorite though ha ha)




  1. Monica H says:

    I’m glad to see youthree here and I look forward to reading more of your new old blog!

  2. basilbean says:

    Hi Christyna!
    So glad to see that you are still posting. I love the new look of the blog. I have seen so many bloggers stop blogging when they no longer fit the place where they were when they started blogging (deadbabymomma, or whatever). For me it is really the overwhelming lack of time/energy. I’m just not ready to give it up, though.

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