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Anders: A & B student in his first year with real grades. he doesn’t even try and rarely studies, so I know he’ll be like me and have to study little to do well down the line. He’s getting that attitude, you know they I almost know everything and still have no idea when to quit when I’m ahead in the jokester dept. He’s pretty good, started his last year of baseball (says he doesn’t want to do little league, we’ll see). We decided we will get him a cell phone tho it will not be a social one. it will be for emergency and safety purposes only. The park is a block from our house as are his two best friends…I have to be ok with giving him a longer leash even tho it scares me to death. If I don’t let him make little mistakes now he’ll make HUGE ones later. So I will try, he understands if he screws up he loses the phone and the freedom.

Chase: Runs, Plays, Dances, Sings acts like a rejected monkey on crack (or just a baby on pop tarts) He’s always filthy, bleeding, drooling, coloring on walls, playing in things he shouldn’t and having the time of his life. he’s tall for his age. He doesn’t speak much AT ALL anymore (when he hits 18 months I’m calling early intervention to have him checked out if he isn’t speaking) He’s super smart, has a great memory and makes us all crack up laughing.  He sleeps pretty much through the night (ie: he wakes, fusses himself back to sleep 1 to 4 times a night) he’s still in our room so i am on the couch cause even tho he doesn’t GET up I wake up regardless.

We are moving to a 3 bedroom in June. HOORAY!!! He will be in his own room, unless he actually gets up and wakes up I will sleep in my bed all night. THIS IS HUGE!!!

Walker & I:  roller coaster of love & hate. slightly exaggerated (or not) I try to be calm, I try to take deep breaths, I try to remain positive and then he stresses out and acts like a douche. When I feel a mood or episode I WARN everyone in the house to back off, don’t start with me or lash out at me. What does Mr Genius do at these times?? you guessed it, acts like a douche. Now its not 24/7 but it’s been rough. real rough. We both thought about ending it. I guess as a last resort stressed out upset irrational thought it’s normal. But unlike my ex husband I love Walker, I still am in love with him and I want things to go back to fun and happier times.  I’m hoping the move helps with that as well cause add together crappy sleeping baby + crappy sleeping mommy+ baby in our room + me on the couch = less than stellar sex life…way less. sometimes I yell at him that if something doesn’t give I’ll get it elsewhere. sometimes I’m only half joking (i guess when I’m most manic). So 2 kids, that big of an age gap and 2 bedrooms** note to self NEVER do it!! it’s less than livable conditions…it’s awful!!!

I started a side business. home sales. jewelry. nothing crazy, maybe 2 shows a month. gets me out of the house, makes me a little extra cash and so far so good. my sponsor is super gung ho, I am super laid back, I could care less about doing shows all the time. I like my life just don’t mind a few hours away and extra $.

oh I have to leave a reminder here to write a post about my retarded sister and her even more retarded husband…good stuff!

worst blogger ever

Posted: 04/13/2010 in life

16 months & 9 years, time certainly flies

yeah, thats me.

It’s not even that I don’t need to blog. Life’s no picnic. I just haven’t had time. which sucks cause I def miss you all.

But its tax season so work is insane and I don’t get online much at home these days.

for the most part all is well. The boys are good, huge, little men already I hate that ha ha.

Friday is the end of tax season so hopefully i can get on here and type a long winded, digressing, ridiculous blog and get back into it.

Love~ Me