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Posted: 02/26/2010 in bipolar, life, love, struggle

i need to learn to take a deep breath and be grateful for what life HAS given me that is good and stop bitching and dwelling on when it hands me crap. Really crap? I have nothing better to do with my time than be miserable? I have 2 healthy beautiful boys and a Man who despite my terrible mental disposition and cynical outlook loves me anyway. (WHO WANTS TO SMACK ME FIRST??)

here are my beautiful wonderful boys:

Chase & Anders Feb 2010

My friend Cara just lost her little one at 12 weeks.  I have no words to explain how devastated I am, She is. I also had little advise besides you will get thru it at your own pace. It never goes away it just gets easier some days to live thru it. Please think of her right now.