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and just like that

Posted: 01/15/2010 in life

my hormonal, mental, emotion terror ride is over. please exit all cars and proceed to the next ride.

I feel better. clearer. happier. still a shadow of my former self but the only constant is change.

the MAIN problem was communication between Walker and I. As soon as we were back on the path of solving problems together instead of tearing each other up and secretly harboring all the burdens to ourselves everything seemed to get better.  We’re a long way from great but it’s a start. For the first time in almost 2 years I feel hopeful.

Chase is walking (almost running) but now he’s decided talking isn’t his thing. he went from 10 words to like 4. I think he just likes saying these 4 words. Memphis!! (like he’s yelling). Anders & Daddy cause they are his favorite and whats this (about EVERYTHING).  no more mama, no Nana, no up, or down. step back before he goes forward?? Dr said by 15 months he should have doubled his speech. hmmm I hope so. He has 7 teeth and he still doesn’t sleep and I don’t have it in me to retrain him so he is in fact back in our bed (and still fusses every few hours) it’s amazing what your body can muddle through sometimes. He is just getting over Croup, poor kid.

Busy day at work, but I hope to post a few pics soon, since both boys have had a birthday and its a new year.

Love and miss you all