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and here it is!

Posted: 09/30/2009 in life

He sleeps from 8:30 or 9 pm everynight until 5:30 – 6 am every morning!!!!!

Now onto the bain of my existance my closte/dresser/unmotivated muffin top.

so far so bad…gave up gave up gave up…now I’m quaking in my elastic waist pajamas at the thought of Holidays and all that food….

Stay tuned for that strategic plan also…seems if I don’t lay out details and make promises I land on top…worked with fatty mcfatty pants sleeping skills. (no lie he’s like satan when he’s awake now, those top teeth need to show up NOW).

I will be here/back…whatever since work has slowed and life seems to be transitioning from hard and scary to annoying and amusing…

love, hugs…


i heart mommy

i heart mommy

9 months

9 months

I’m feeling better, most days.

Chase’s Dr said He doesn’t need to eat. Starving kids sleep 12 hours all over the world. Do not feed him for at least 7 hours, do not pick him up, do not make eye contact. Tell him its bed time and let him cry. the first day it took an hour, he slept 6 in a row after that, 15 mins and back to bed after eating. The next night about 40 mins and slept for 6 1/2 ate and back to bed (he eats around 5 and sleeps again til 6:45) Last night he did about6 1/2. I know he can go 7 to 8 hours without a bottle the new problem is he has a bottle at 6 or 7 and goes to bed (we can not stop him he’s miserable) then he wants a bottle at 11 or so and then he gets up around 5, so it would work perfectly if he ate at 9 and slept til 5 but he won’t stay up past 7:30 pm. ) ANY suggestions???

he is getting better slowly, which is great, his timing is just seriously off. He eats a lot of solid food and stage 3 so the Dr said he’s not hungry he’s playing you, but I can’t in good conscience make him got from 6:30 pm until 6 am without a bottle cause he only takes 6oz at a time. Basically we need to shift him up to eating at 8 or 9 and then going to bed…but how????????

***and thanks to Monica for donating to our team for the breast cancer walk!! More people should be like you!!! Hope starts with US!!!!

dodged a bullet

Posted: 09/18/2009 in life

after 13 days…I got it. THANK GOD!!

Chase’s Dr suggested a few things to get him to sleep through the night. Started last night (and I’m SO tired) But I guess a week of exhaustion is better than him in our bed for another 9 months. I hope it works.

I’m so so right now. I’ve been worse and I’ve been better but I have been more calm and less of a raging bitch. That’s something.

sorry to leave you all hanging like that. School started and all that entails and soccer…etc.

lotsa stuff

Posted: 09/10/2009 in life

 Chase says baba now too.

I 86’d my therapist-hate him.

I may go back to one that I was somewhat ok with and has my basic stuff down already.

and I’m 10 days late. I’m scared as hell and don’t know if I can do this again. I’m almost out of $ and sanity at this point…pray for me

good news

Posted: 09/02/2009 in life

On Sunday Chase said Mama!! and says it more often everyday. He also waves hi and bye (he likes to do it to the dog and pictures of people we know the most), and he is cruising around holding onto furniture. His crawl is still more like a half crawl butt scoot thing (its odd).

And Anders started 3rd grade today…Happy but I miss the days when it was all new when he was so small. He was really excited to go today.