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and other tall tales 🙂

hello all, remember me? I have been hiding underground, trying to avoid everything, it’s so not working. I told myself for the last 2 weeks write a blog, read some blogs…and never got to it.

Chase slept better and in his crib for like 3 weeks…yay. BUT Walkers nephew and neice are up with his sister. Since his Mom watches Chase guess where they are all day? My house disrupting naps and schedules. His crib was in Anders room, now it is in our room so he can nap…which he isn’t doing well cause of said children’s ruckus. His Mom went in for emergency Gall Bladder surgery 2 weeks ago Saturday, so Walker’s Sister has been “helping” more like being a royal pain in the lazy effing bitch. So with Chase’s crib in our room, we don’t let him cry it out as much because he’s in our room and hello we need sleep. and even though he was doing great he started not sleeping the other day, screaming, nothing worked. not gas meds, not tylenol, not diaper changing nothing so guess who’s in our bed again. 2 days of this and what to my wandering eyes should appear but a miniature tooth stub broken through the gums!! OMG he has a tooth. OMG he’s a HORRIBLE teether. he hasn’t slept for 4 days, neither have we…yay. I have resigned myself for the fact that he will always be the “worst case scenario” according to the stats. as in: most babies once the first tooth breaks through have an easier time. Chase has decided he will never be “most babies”.

I’m tired, I’m always broke and I just keep feeling like I should look at the good and know eventually it will get better and just thinking there has got to be something more. my gratitude journal has consisted of things like: twisted teas, true blood with my sister, my hair still rocks,  walker staying up with Chase one night here and there so I can sleep a little.

obviously everyone being healthy and all that is also but how sad are the rest of those? ha ha. I even have to laugh at myself. it could be worse and I need to remember that.

so you’re not missing nothing by missing my attendance here really. but I am missing a lot on here by not being here so it’s time to play catch up yet again.

oh wait I fell off the exercise wagon because of non sleeping child and non helping in the am walker…haven’t gained it back yet but it hasn’t changed so there’s another defeat I’m seriously feeling inside and out.