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its a girly faux hawk

Posted: 06/25/2009 in ridiculousity

i showed the 1st pic to my hair chicka and this is how it turnedout, I LOVE IT! I can leave it dirty for like 3 days ha ha ha i need to go lighter blonde and was thinking some raspberry chunks in the sticky uppy part.



















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with home organization binders and similar…

great link for a visual of someone else who’s obsessed:


favorite link:


I recently made a funky binder for recipes with cool dividers, pockets, paper…fashioned after a gift my suster got which was expensive, like $40 or so. I got all the same stuff and assembled my own from W.almart for like $14..yay me!

so I skipped a weeks worth of workouts, due to not feeling well and the days I did Chase got up at 5 and Walker didn’t bother getting him. seriously pissing me off in the process.

Despite that because of the way i have strictly stuck to my healthier eating choices i still lost a bit of weight.  So in 2 weeks, with only 7 workouts I lost 6lbs and 4 inches. yay! I worked out yesterday and will take a bike ride with Anders tonight. its amazing how a few lbs off on a scale can motivate you and help your spirits all in one…of course if I don’t work out it won’t last longer than a few days.

I was wondering if anyone in the North East has seen summer? If so can you call him and tell him he forgot a spot. Its rained 19 days of of 23 in June…we’re due for rain tonight and tomorrow…supposedly this weekend will be sunny and 80’s…I will believe it when I see it…

My MIL used to make me 15 mins late everyday for work, understandable she was working as a crossing guard…now that she’s off she’s still showing uplast minute…um hello 15 minutes loses me an hour and fifteen minutes of pay a week…so now I must say something. Also I took Mondays off (using my 10 vacation days) all summer. Walker told me she seemed upset cause she’ll miss a day with Chase…she’s a piece of work. I told her that would be beach or pool day and with 2 kids I will def require her help weeks ago…she really is an ass.

it’s so hard to find the time for me and to work out. Someone always needs something. So I have been getting up at 5:30 am (on near no sleep most days) and going biking, running or doing a Jillian dvd if its crappy out. I find that Tues and Weds I can not get up OR if I can Chase is up, or whatever. I can’t even have 30 fucking minutes to myself. Walker can go to softball every tuesday and leave me with both kids, sometimes a double header or he lingers to chat and have a beer or two with his buddies. thus leaving me with baths and bed for both boys. Anders hasn’t been feeling well and Chase has been a little demanding the past few days. I couldn’t even give Anders the proper attention and care he needed last night and then Chase barely slept…what a fucking mess.

on a good note last week I managed to lose 2lbs and 4 inches altogether hips, thighs, belly and arms. The changing to healthier food and red meat only once a week has been tough but I’m doing well.

mega brows!

Posted: 06/02/2009 in ridiculousity

motto: not waxing since 1982!

my comment on a friends blog regarding ridiculous outfits father (or mothers) have subjected their children to:

um, not by my doing but Anders used to go out in public in FULL spiderman costume all year long age 4 and 5, I let him, whatever, he’d shoot imaginary webs at cars on the road next to us, crawl sneakily through quick check when i stopped for coffee, karate chop random garden plants in neighborhood gardens during a walk. these days (8 1/2 yrs old) he made me buy this pack of “mega brows”.  it has in it a black unibrow, a set of red “angry scottish” eye brows and a set of “albert einstein gray mustache” sized brows. He proceeded to tell my sister and i we have to wear them on the car ride home, so we did. and every day since he has asked at some point in the day to wear “his unibrow” and even goes outside in it…kids…it’s not just Dad’s making them look ridiculous anymore ha haha








ok so here’s the one I have been trying to write before I was so wonderfully distracted by the last 2 posts.

I am done feeling sorry for myself. I am done crying everytime I have to get dressed to leave the house and I am tired of my supermom costume being so tight I can’t even entertain putting it on. I mean maybe the cape fits but who wants to be saved by a naked post partum woman with a jiggly midsection and scars? ha ha ha

so here’s the plan:

  1. set attainable and small goals; 1lb a week, exercise at least 15 to 30 mins a day for 4 days a week, count calories and make better food choices.
  2. stop taking care of everyone but myself. make the time for me, demand the time for me get the time for me. all this = everyone happy cause I am happy
  3. believe that you can lose 11 to 15 lbs by August 15. it’s easy, you can do it, and it will make you feel better, your clothing will fit and you’ll not fear sex so much that you bring the baby to bed every night to not only sleep but avoid that man that sleeps across the way.
  4. DO NOT buy anymore clothing until you drop the weight, it will only serve to bring you down a notch. tighter clothes are motivating, evil and spiteful, but motivating
  5. tell the people in your house what you are doing, ask that they support and help you without pointing out negatively if you skip a day or eat that Mc.Donalds when pressed for time (try not to eat Mc.Donalds).
  6. I posted the chart with my weight, inches and weeks on the large bathroom mirror for ALL To see, even guests (if that doesn’t motivate me I’ll make the fridge oink or moo instead).
  7. I will be taking a before and after picture and posting it on here (at the end), I am brave aren’t I? its all about motivators. showing my jiggly nastiness is SO not appealing but even less appealing if I don’t pull through and have to post a gross pic at the end.

the changes aren’t drastic or hard, they’re small changes, lifetime, lifestyle changes, not a diet. I’m not 23 anymore, which is just fine with me. I’m smarter now, wiser…so at 32 I will be a better me and stay that way.

my beginning weight 125 (shut up, its “small” for most) it is the most I have weighed in my life I’m 5 feet tall. I weighed 145 and 140 during pregnancy  which doesn’t count. at 18 I weighed 98lbs (yea it is gross I agree, but I was VERY active) I weighed 103 after Anders 8 years ago, and I weighed 115 and was not happy about it February of 2008 before Chase. I am not greedy, I’d rather lose inches than lbs, and I am ok with being and staying 110 to 115 as long as I’m fit and toned, and my clothes fit.

So sunday I weighed in at 125, let the games begin.

he sits! he nearly sleeps and he HATES tummy time more than I hate my closet. so no rolling over (twice for nana but so far nothing for Mommy and Daddy).








Anders is 11 days from being done with 2nd grade, playing baseball like a semi pro and part of an undefeated minor league team for our town…little league next year!


you never know

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this is in response to a comment left recently on my “back on meds post from last August” It was a woman who took lamictal during pregnancy (she did not specify whether it was for epilepsy or bi-polar. She stated that despite the research claim saying the only risk (which is not how theyphrased it, there is ALWAYS risk) was cleft palatte. She claims that her baby was born with TOF a congenital heart defect. I neither can prove or disprove this claim BUT despite there being close to no research on this drug and pregnancy don’t believe that it was the main cause. It could have been because of epilepsy (if she had that) and they say there are MANY environmental causes of this defect in babies in utero. So I just thought I’d address it. My post was not designed to slander or libel anything or anyone. and because I disagree with her the comment is not there but I did want her to know I read it, and I’m sorry for her child and I wish her luck.

holy freaking living in a black deep dark hole that instead of climbing out of I brought a pillow and an ipod down with me as if to say “fuck it, I may as well get comfortable”. you know what? fuck you hole.

hows that sound? fuck you right in the eye.

so hi everyone. here’s a list of what equals hole and taking the escalator down further every day:

  1. my weight (incuding the way clothing fits or rather DOESN’T fit) 
  2. my skin (can I please have 1 pimple a month until I turn 28 and then get progressively worse as the years go so that while I’m suffering from horrible body image I have acne a dermatologist would pity looking at)
  3. (what’s with the 3 being larger?) Lack of sleep=lack of energy, want, care, sex…and so on leads to over eating, eating crap and laziness…which leads to : see #1 above.
  4. meds taking WAY too long to work after coming off for 2-3 ish weeks due to lack of money (fuck you insurance company and “helpful” mail in maint. meds).
  5. #4 causing several panic attacks/ nervous breakdowns, numerous meltdowns in which I can only function curled into the fetal position crying my eyes out until I snot on myself OR screaming lake a psycho at the 2 people who I love the most feeling even worse after, leading to fetal position result after screaming has ended.
  6. lack of sex. I mean do I have to explain that one to any woman with bad self image issues and/or moms??
  7. lack of money. again do I need to explain?
  8. lack of time. Can I put in a request for 8 days weeks with 36 hours in everyday? anyone else??

I’m quite sure there is more but my work day is nearing the end and I must go. But I have set a goal or 3 and I will unveil these goals in another post within the next 48 hours (attainable posting goal!)

My boys are still cute, one still sleeps iffy but does occasionally now sleep 5 to 6 hours OMG crazy right?? only took 6 months!!

kisses hugs ranting screaming giving the finger angrily…