Porky Pigs Stats

Posted: 04/29/2009 in mom knows best

He weighs in at 16lbs 11ozs….he is 26 inches long and I think they said 17 inch head circumfrence. which places him in the 75th percentile. Weird cause he seems much larger than Anders ever was and he was always in the 90th, just goes to show you that we grow them BIG these days and it makes them slightly average.

I got topical steriod for the eczema (Dr said it could be an allergy to milk based formula, I said its not, he said it could be and so on a few more times) so if this doesn’t clear it up in 7 days its the formula. 3 applications since monday night and who has the face of a model baby with not on scratch mark or eczema patch?…my baby! Moms most always know best and these asshat Dr.’s with their fancy degrees but NO kids need to start opening their god damned ears when we talk!!!

hopefully this leads to more consistant sleeping!!

  1. Laurie says:

    Lol, asshat doctors. I agree. Ours is rarely any help. We just go for checkups most of the time.

  2. Monica h says:

    I wanna see the modell baby 🙂

    Oh and the baby I take care of just turned 5 months old alst week. He weighs one pound per inch of length. 27 freaking pounds. Believe me, C is not porky pig!

  3. Azaera says:

    I absolutely get you on the whole mom knows best thing! I think I had a post about that too. I hate when doctors treat you like you’re an idiot because you’re JUST a parent. Gah. We are the experts on our kids.

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