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Porky Pigs Stats

Posted: 04/29/2009 in mom knows best

He weighs in at 16lbs 11ozs….he is 26 inches long and I think they said 17 inch head circumfrence. which places him in the 75th percentile. Weird cause he seems much larger than Anders ever was and he was always in the 90th, just goes to show you that we grow them BIG these days and it makes them slightly average.

I got topical steriod for the eczema (Dr said it could be an allergy to milk based formula, I said its not, he said it could be and so on a few more times) so if this doesn’t clear it up in 7 days its the formula. 3 applications since monday night and who has the face of a model baby with not on scratch mark or eczema patch?…my baby! Moms most always know best and these asshat Dr.’s with their fancy degrees but NO kids need to start opening their god damned ears when we talk!!!

hopefully this leads to more consistant sleeping!!


add water and shake

Posted: 04/24/2009 in life

for instant post?? ha ha couldn’t think of anything for a title today.

Chase: still not sleeping

me: still dealing with it (6 days a week I handle, 1 I melt down and tell my family I hate them and I want to leave, scarring Anders for life I’m sure) but 6 days is a HUGE improvement.

After all the “oh he has to sleep eventuallys” I get “oh I guess he’s just not a sleeper” thanks Capt. Fucking Obvious! Toddlers sleep right? I’m hoping by the time he’s 2 to be getting at least 6 consecutive hours, thats the only realistic goal I have on the subject these days. So, we don’t sleep. He wakes up, I bring him in bed. Don’t care how bad that is, don’t care how hard it will be to break it, I get 2 sets of sleep around 3 hours each this way. I have no choice.

So much crap on the news I felt like bringing up recently, most of which escapes me now damn it.

craig.slist killer: his fiance is standing by him (asshole, they found the weapon, the emails & undies…he did it)

Dad who killed mother 2 daughters & himself: beat them and then strangled them UM: asshole, there were more humane ways or here’s an idea just skip the first three and off yourself you worthless piece of shit!

Fred.die guy commits suicide: I gotta say who didn’t see that coming? But such a waste anyway.

I will no longer even watch the news, its awful. the world is going to hell in a hand basket!

Chase is fat, healthy, happy and VERY baby talkative these days, tho still no rolling over yet… Dr Appt Monday, will have Stats for you before he hits the 5 month mark, I promise.

I am on Fac.ebo.ok if anyone is and con’t make no mention of the blog on there come find me.  last name: c.hiariz.zio  minus the dots obviously.

there are videos of the boys on there and more pics than a “fanclub” could ask for AND I’m on there EVERYDAY! hugs kisses and all that


battlefield update

Posted: 04/10/2009 in life

ahh yes Chase is 4 months tomorrow, he’s cute, laughy, happy, smiley and still not sleeping. yay me. I told him he is no longer my favorite son and will never be as long as he continues to interrupt my sleep  ha ha.

I’m busy, its tax season so I have been working a lot. the brother of a 22 year long friend committed suicide last weekend. depression and/or med mixing (due to incompetant dr’s and pharmacists) may be to blame. he had a 13 year olf daughter. This guy was the happiest most stable guy I knew, he was a big brother to me for 2 decades and I am still dumbfounded.

Babseball season started, for Anders which means busy again. I suppose I had better get used to it with 2 boys right. never a dull moment. Chase has been eating 1st food for a month now. F the Dr.’s they say wait, that kid was hungry and is much happier now. Dr.’s with no kids giving a veteran mom orders, indeed!

Love and miss you all…be on this weekend as I have some time alone. here’s Chase: enjoy!0407090732_00010328091705a