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fillings and hair musings

Posted: 02/24/2009 in life

so I kinda dislike my hair ha ha. I can’t do it like Natalie did in the salon. Yeah I know no one can. Wrong, I always can. I went to beauty school and quit more than halfway through. I have always had shorter funkier hair and have an entire basket of product ie: wax, putty, paste, pomade, shine spray, serum, hair spray, spray gel, mousse, volumizer…you name it I spent WAY too much money on it. so for 2 days I have been hating it, today is a littler better but I’m annoyed that I am having such a hard time with it. oh well if I can figure it out in 2 weeks time, I am going back up and making her show me what she used in my hair and what she did, and I will recreate it!! I will.

I went to the dentist yesterday, I had cavities in between my back most molars (he asked in Oct if I was in pain, nope why, cause its blue and oozing almost, nope) so I had to hold my tiny mouth way wider open than humanly advised and he drilled so hard to get it all out that I am still in pain today. my jaw is seriously sore, my teeth are weird , my cheek inside is a little raw and it feels like I slept with my tongue between my teeth…so annoying!!


Chase slept from 10 to 1:30, took 2 sips of a bottle and went back to sleep until 4 am…wow! the back to sleep at 5 til 7am.

ok i can cook like her but thats where all resemblances end. TA-DA

jon and kate indeed!



ok people I give you FULL permission to email me and say um hello,post please?!?! i’m awful! im sorry !!!! i totally love miss and rely on you, i even sometimes have the gall to check in on you and not post! burn me at the stake please.

Fatso has an appt on March 2nd for his 2 month wellness and immunizations. yes he was 2 months on Feb 11th, yes I waited that long on purpose. I will have him immunized…but I will also do it on my own time table. (as long as he’s not in a school or daycare who cares) My guess at weight at 2 months 2 weeks…12lbs or over. he’s tubby. Chase eats 6 oz every 3 hours regularly during daytime hours, give or take an oz. at night he can eat 4 to 6 oz anywhere from 2 1/2 to 4 hours between feedings. we’re still in a battle for hours of rest for Mommy and she’s been back at work since Feb. 4th.

I’m so tired so so tired and my top med dosage from recent years has been doubled. so chop crankiness, depression, pissiness, bitchiness and crying jagness in half. thats something ha ha.

Chase scratches his face CONSTANTLY. we have the mitts off for 3 mins and he’s bleeding. he looks ridiculous with them on and they make his hands sweaty and stinky..yikes. his cradle cap is looking more like echzema or psoriasis now, red flakey itchy scaly irritated no matter what “remedy” for cradle cap we use. I slather him with auqaphor stuff twice daily which makes it look less flakey and red but it still feels like a 90 year old with a severe tanning obsession. something to bother his Dr. with. also I switched to the Ped”s Dr everyone recommended and got rid of the woman i hate!! yay!

My meds make birth control less effective or vice versa…they suggested Mirena or the other one that looks similar. I have to call my insurance and see if they are covered. otherwise it’s $500. um hi I have 2 kids and a dog with health issues, let me toss you $500 bucks for that crap! ewww.

I chopped my short chin length bob to a funky shorter crazy do, which I was loving for 4 hours yesterday after it was done until Anders told me ” um mom you know that jon and kate plus 8 show” yeah buddy ” well you look like the mom”. eww, so not funny, it resembles it BUT is a little cooler and a little less giant solid chunk of hair to the side. I do have a chunk longer on one side but its textured . ok ok I know who am I trying to convince right?? I’ll post pics in a bit in a new hair post ha ha. I waited til i was more emotionally stable before deciding to chop it, that way it wouldn’t be a rash decision I regretted later.

Anders is acting up in school, still. got sent to the principals office, lied and said he didn’t and then lied in front of his teacher and said he did…moron. so we’re doing a lil trial and error over here with both boys. Walkers a pain, a helpful pain who is way more well rested than he deserves and I remind him of  that everyday.






a few updates

1. I still hate, no correction I hate his Mother even more.

2. Chase slept 4 hours in a row and went 5 hours between feedings the past 3 nights. so I got 4 hours and then 3 hours of glorious sleep!! he’s still drinking 5oz every 3 to 4 hours during the day tho, porker. and he does two-2 hour naps a day.

3. I went to work today. I worked from 10 to 2 (Anders had a delayed opening, 2 inches what was the point?) It was wonderful, I didn’t miss any of my boys or even think about them and I was a little bummed the day flew by. is that bad? Walker said I just don’t love them anymore. I said maybe ha ha ha.

4. meds are at full force, but I’m thinking about asking for double, which is the standard amount for most people. I just still feel a little off.

5. i just gave Walker the finger through the wall as he went into the kitchen. ok so I started that again 🙂

6. I told the baby he sucked last night at 230 am when he’d been up for almost 2 hours with no burp.

7. I have no idea when i will feel 100% but I bet I won’t remember these days as quite as bad in 4 months huh?

8. I had sex before the Dr okayed it (it had been 6 weeks recovery time) it was uncomfortable in a virginal sort of way and wonderful at the same time. I decided I wanted to be a nympho at around the same time walker decided he was exhausted and needed to do more adult things… I can’t win ha ha ha

9. the weather sucks, I’m sick of 0 degrees wind chill with a 50 degree day thrown in once a week, enough!!

10. that is all