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what a whirlwind week its been. Chase is 8 days old already, I can’t even believe it. So I have a lot to update on here. Sorry to leave you guys waiting so long. 

I made it through the entire c-section with just an epidural. It was the most disgusting, creepy, odd feeling thing I have ever experienced in my life, and I will never be doing it again (for 2 reasons, the surgery is only one, i will post a separate post on the 2nd reason).  The Dr. cut out my old crooked scar and fixed the new one up pretty. yay! When I heard him cry for the first time it was surreal, i never had that with Anders. I immediately started crying, and then asking if he had hypospadias or cleft palate. negative. he is perfect. Walker was crying as they handed his son to him and we all huddled up near my head and cried. In fact we’re still crying. I still can not believe he’s here sometimes.

As they rolled me into recovery I could already move my legs and feet, they were shocked. I could also feel pain. on a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 5. so they shot morphine into my drip. 5 minutes later it gradually increased and i was crying, my pain was an 8. they pushed more morphine. lets just say i spent the evening burning up, throwing up and nodding off while talking to visitors and Anders. it was a mess. the next few days went well, i was up and about with minimal pain.  Everyone was impressed. I even took all the feedings 2 nights in a row myself in my room. yeah i’m awesome ha ha!

Chase is my night to Anders day. he is calm, content, reliable and rarely cries. Even when he cries it isn’t loud at all. I could stare at him all day. Walker is so wonderful and as if I didn’t love him enough I love him even more everyday. He has been my rock, he has taken care of me, shown me such a sweet & vulnerable side of him that our love has reached a whole new level. This man and these boys are my WHOLE life and I’d be happy if we were locked away all together with no one else forever. OK so I’m sappy these days but I have never felt about anyone the way i feel about Walker now. I could probably see myself promising forever without a second guess despite how badly my first marriage went.

Chase Rodrick was born on 12-11-08 at 3:02pm, he weighed 7lbs 7.4oz (uh yeah thats big for me) and was 19 3/4 inches long. He was slightly jaundice from the neck up, but not enough to require treatment and its nearly gone. he did well with his circumcision which is nearly healed and his stump” will probably fall off today. he’s squishy and yummy and so cute it hurts my heart and thats not just his mom talking, nurses had to stop in extra to look at him cause he’s so cute…yeah my babies are man-pretty.

so ask away about anything I forgot and without further adieu:

I've been waiting for you my whole life

I've been waiting for you my whole life

baby chase

baby chase

first family photo

first family photo

interesting change in plans

Posted: 12/11/2008 in life

I got a call yesterday around dinner. My Dr has an emergency surgery Friday, they can’t do my c-section. would I mind rescheduling? (in my head I’m saying no way fuckers, I want him out!!) I say when? She said tomorrow at 3pm. as in Today, Thursday the 11th.

I am having him today at 3pm.

here’s a few shower pics, I haven’t had time to edit, crop or really look at them myself, as you could imagine. Though its only a days difference it throws my planning and scheduling off. AND since this blog is still private to my real life i won’t pot until I get home next week. (i will however try to get an email or two out if Walker’s brother brings his laptop, so go to about me or whatever and email me with your address if you just can’t wait…OMG I’m nervous and happy!


sorry folks thats all I have time for 🙂 see you next week!!!


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stuffs been nuts as usual…just me making too many lists, trying to do and remember TOO many things and so on. So here I am 9 days away from Frankenstein’s arrival. I am SO nervous, almost as nervous as excited. Anyone been awake for a c-section? I haven’t and it scares the shit out of me!! 17 hours of labor, 3 uneventful pushing hours and an emergency C-section with A. I was out for…this is so different, better but different!!!

I’m ok, doing well. the usual tired and can’t sleep, mind racing with to do lists, xmas shopping for Anders, yadda yadda. I miss all you guys and have tried to check in here and there. I stop working tomorrow or Friday so I will have a glorious 9 days to myself before the baby gets here.

and his name by the way will be Chase. final answer from both his parents. I can’t wait to meet him next friday!!!

here’s me and my BIG belly…looks better with clothes on ha!


38 weeks

38 weeks