happy birthday baby

Posted: 11/07/2008 in life
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He’s 8. today he’s 8. and I’m sad about it.

first time he didn't cry on santas lap

first time he didn't cry


a boy and his dog

a boy and his dog

cliche as it is, it really does fly by. don’t blink.

  1. Rachel says:

    Happy birthday Anders!

  2. Monica h says:

    He looks so much like you! Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

    How was your baby shower?

  3. Julia says:

    What a cutie! Happy belated birthday to both the birthday boy and
    his lovely mom.

    P.S. I tried finding your email, and failed. So will have to say it here–
    I would be absolutely honored if you printed that picture to frame
    and hang. Thank you.

  4. BasilBean says:


    I’m just “checking in” to see how you are. I’m sure all is well:)

    It is uncanny how much Anders looks like you!

  5. christyna says:

    My Mom showed me a picture of myself at about 8 years old with that mouth open stare kids have and I put a pic of A from the other day next to it and the only difference was blue and green eyes!!

    oh thank you Julia!!

    will post a few of my sisters wedding pics and some “interesting” happenings at the event. its what I call a beautiful circus. ha ha

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