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i mentioned that my mother was my “evil” twin in the last meme. Now I realize you all have no idea how much alike we do look. so heres me, Ma Dukes and my sister Kimberly from March ’08 I believe. no resemblance at all right? ha ha Have a happy Halloween!!

Malibu Baybreezes before I got prego (like the bunny straws?)

I have a few random pics. some pumpkins my sister, Walker and I worked really hard on. My shower favors, so cute, and my invite which is also cute 🙂 (and which I forgot to black out our address and phone #’s so I removed it! yikes!)

Everything came together nicely and the shower is Saturday, we’ll see how about 25 ppl fit in my small apartment ha ha. I will have pics I’m sure.

enjoy these for now 🙂

the two left most pumpkins were mine 🙂 the painted one was anders, the “reaper” is Walkers and the choir of ghosts was Kimberly’s pumpkin!!

Here goes: The whole idea is to answer these questions with one single word (or as few words as possible). I will try, I prefer sarcastic long drawn out digressive answers but I’ll try to follow the rules. :p

1. Where is your cell phone? 12 inches away                                                        

2. Where is your significant other? working

3. Your hair color? the real one? ha ha brown

4. Your mother? my evil twin

5. Your father? never gets to visit us 😦

6. Your favorite thing? Art & Music (actually right now its Danish, like the food kind)

7. Your dream last night? i rarely remember dreams

8. Your dream/goal? to make time go faster so its Dec 13th ha!

9. The room you’re in? work and I’m sneaking on here

10. Your hobby? pastime? painting, eating, cooking, singing, being cute 🙂

11. Your fear? awakeness for a c-section

12. Where do you want to be in six years? living out of NJ in NC being so damn happy!

13. Where were you last night? Home

14. What you’re not? comfortable

15. One of your wish list items? winning lottery ticket

16. Where you grew up? NJ- PA- NJ

17. The last thing you did? ate honey roasted peanuts

18. What are you wearing? sweater, tee, tank, jeans and uggs, its cold

19. Your T.V.? at home, lonely and off
20. Your pet? oh crap I forgot to put him in his crate, probably peeing in the kitchen!

21. Your computer? does its job

22. Your mood? Hungry

23. Missing someone? Always

24. Your car? is cool

25. Something you’re not wearing? jewelry

26. Favorite store? Target, home depot, AC Moore

27. Your Summer? HOT

28. Love someone? Of course.

29. Your favorite color? changes daily

30. When is the last time you laughed? all day long

31. Last time you cried? its been a while

once again I’m not going to tag anyone, cause I’m lazy, blog tech illiterate and most of you have been tagged by Monica already anyway :p I’ll do it eventually.

and monica I love your blog!!!

so i started this post last week when I called out “pregnant” on monday. lets face it if you can’t call out randomly during pregnancy then whats the point? something about a rough night and excruciating rib pain…I work for 2 men who have 3 sons each, they were all ok feel better see you tomorrow. perfect! so anyway in the midst of being lazy and playing hoohy I never did a post. duh!

I’m 31 weeks, I have 8 weeks left as of friday, 59 days OMG! these could be the longest most painful, most annoying, evil days of my life again. ha! I am still all belly and I realize some women who are jealous have no idea why its actually worse than being all fat. I have 22 lbs of weight gain located in one central area. imagine if you will the top of your abdomen stretched beyond its limits, your baby dropping every so slightly causing even more strain on said stretched to its limits skin. Imagine constant painful burning of this skin, so sensitive to touch all bras, sports bras, tank tops feel like hot coals touching already painful skin. then imagine your very own bruce lee/chuck norris combo kicking kicking kicking at your ribs so hard it feels like a second heart beat. Imagine putting a heated rice pack onto said ribs to ease the pain, only burning said sensitive skin 3 to 4 inches above your ribs….place ice pack on burning skin, tighten and hurt ribs…never ending cycle of pain ladies. Can I just be fat please? all over fat? unrecognizeable fat? waddling hideous fat? PLEASE!!!!!!!

hey I know I have a flair for the dramatic, and while that sounds and in real life is the worst pain conundrum i have ever dealt with (before c-section recovery) I’m still cute and tiny and make people wanna throw up or punch me. you win some you lose some I guess right? who needs ribs anyway? and I forgot about the constant bitchy pms crankiness at the end too…I must be an awful witch to live with cause I take 99% of it out on Walker, admittedly too ha ha. whatever, this is kinda his fault, and my parents..they left to go get coffee while visiting us and he decided well you know…against my better judgement viola! I am now feeling like a human housing a baby cow with restless leg syndrome and hiccups in my abdomen. yes thats the last 10 weeks exactly described for you. feel bad, feel very bad for me! 🙂

So my shower is in 16 days, yep…yikes ha ha. I have like 28 ppl coming to my apartment. most of which will have something to contribute which is awesome. I ordered and received the favors already, adorable!! little white tealight holders with butterflies on them, I hate the its a boy blue  stuff no one takes out of their car unless they throw it out kind of favor. I got mini jar candles for baby bingo prizes. and a larger jar candle for the belly size string game. Iadded fall colored ribbons to them and they’re done. mostly I just want the food ha ha. ok and the gifts, but I NEED those technically. and I peeked at the registry…8 items bought. 8?!?! people there are 16 days left get shopping right? ha ha ha i think they know I’m peeking….so horrible!

I have to go empty a closet of crap that i emptied months back, that walker has since “shoved” stuff into even tho its only for baby stuff…men so annoying. but I’m here I’m still here.


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It’s October!?!? what? that can’t be? it’s October? really? ha ha

My C-section has been scheduled for Dec 12, 2008 at 3 pm (giving me eating time up to 7 am…guess who’s getting up at 4 eating til 7 and going back to bed?) and also guess who is getting tol 5 or 6 pm and not 3? ha ha ha Walker’s mom. yeah she’s gotten on my last nerve for the last time and I am ready to blow, so in avoidance she gets lied to and then can deal with our way or not at all. For christ’s sake I’m 31 and this is my 2ndkid, I did alright so far with #1 and barely any help, now I have Walker.

So I’m nervous, it is surgery after all. andI am having those normal but irrational fears…what if something is wrong with him? what if something goes wrong? what if I am a horrible parent? and so on…normal and irrational. I am SUPER uncomfortable and in pain to the point of tears these days by 7pm. he has got to be VERY long because I know he’s awake by the instant burning stabbing pains in my right side ribs front andback that do not go away with tylenol, Ice barely helps and heat barely helps 😦 tylenolis like a cruel joke in the 3rd trimester…it’s like oh your leg is hanging on by a piece of skin? here’s a bandaid, the small round kind…asses!

The Dr told me (the only one of three I hadn’t seen yet and who is now my favorite!) I am the perfect pregnant woman, I gained the perfect amount of weight and she adores me. The baby is already head down, thus the rib kicking, he’s a nice sized boy as she says. he still has man junk, so no mistakes for his rude grandmother who was still hoping they were wrong, I only gained 4 more lbs (even being weighed after lunch) I’m at 29 1/2 weeks andI have gained a total of 21 lbs. How I did 45 lbs with anders and lived to tell about it I’ll never know.

My shower, that I had to quickly put together because my MIL failed miserably to do so in VA and nearly screwed us over is Nov 1 at my house. She’s an asshole. I made 2 lists, food and guests. half the guests offered to bring a tray of something and I ordered invites online that arrived in 4 days. They are mailed out and I have a complete menu for 20 to 25 ppl. Not bad for 2 days work huh? and she’s had since July and screwed it all up. the only reliable thing about walkers mom is that she is always 99% unreliable. I always forget about that….I won’t anymore.

so that’s my update folks. been busy with work, cleaning up MIL messes, planning a shower, Anders soccer and school blah blah blah….I am seriously looking fwd to Dec. last day of work is Dec 5th…I go back if all is well Jan 19th or so. that will be a nice break.

Hope all is well, I miss you and have tried to leave a comment here or there for you guys, but I will be back on here this weekend with pics and another post as I only have Soccer at 10 am Sat and Anders is with his Dad this weekend…ahhh relaxation.