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I can feel my calves getting tight while I sit here wandering online. something that has become a luxury since work and school have taken over my time, and then add fatigue and all the rest of my regular days, dinner, baths whatever.

A shower feels like running a marathon, I haven’t been able to see my lady parts in some time, so I am guessing it looks like a one eyed lady with a cataract in her good eye wielding hedge trimmers was doing my upkeep. at least I still have my sense of humor ha ha. and shaving my legs or tying my shoes (if the shoes even still fit) are quite amusing to onlookers or potential onlookers). I barely sleep due to pee or just being in pain or uncomfortable. when I do pee little bear thinks its party time for an hour and he grows chuck norris strong by the day. Walker winces when he sees the abuse my abdomen is taking…I always add and its inside too where you can’t see so feel even worse for me. My ribs on my right side are so sore and sensitive I have wondered if they’ve cracked and can barely keep in a scream if I accidentally bump them. Acid reflux and heartburn are super common anytime I eat anything sweet…you can guess what I crave naturally…sweets. I’m not complaining, I’m being realistic. it isn’t all pretty flowers and booties and glowing mommies. its pain discomfort and loss of control of your own body and mind. albeit for only like 3 more months….can I do it?

the good news? oh there is some…12 weeks left. uh huh. I’m still rather slim and look ridiculously adorable despite feeling like thrice regurgitated and spit up hair balls daily. So I look great, feel somewhat crappy and I’m almost done baking. The weather is cooler and so nice, the days have been busier and flying by. My mom is visiting next week for my sisters wedding shower and will be back in Nov for the wedding and Dec for the baby.

Work is ok, boring, nice, ok. no one sucks yet, no one os mean and I get paid to work…so I won’t complain about accounting and numbers making me yawn more than is appropriate…I miss you all and love you all, and I’m here, i’m catching up…slowly but surely  🙂

27 weeks- 12 to go

27 weeks- 12 to go


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thank god its fucking friday

oh my working and school for 3 days killed me, I am exhausted ha ha, have gone to bed like 9:15 two nites in a row. I am so not used to this and to be growing a fetus too! ha ha ha

work is nice, boring, going well. no mean boss, no rude anybody to deal with. just learn as I go along and get paid for it. can’t complain especially for flexible part time. Mom’s perfect job.

Anders loves his teacher and 2nd grade and barely even says goodbye to me before running to his class line for school…so sad…I’m glad I’ll have another one that will love and cuddle and cry when I’m gone…for a while anyway. He’s so big now I kinda dislike it but love it at the same time.

so I just wanted an update for you ladies, its a lame post I’ll admit it and I’m hanging in there and will hopefully have a real post soon enough. Thanks for all the support in the “weight gain” issue dept. I feel the same way, fuck the Dr’s I feel great!

out of triple into double

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and it is kind of scary. 99 days , 14 weeks. holy crap!!

so I go to the Dr today, 25 week check up. I have been weighing myself every sunday the whole time and I only ever see one lb a week or what equals 4lbs a month. the last two times I go they “reprimand” me about my weight gain. What the fuck is that about?

I started at 115, I am nearly 6 months and according to them weigh 132. isn’t that completely within reasonable healthy limits?? they say cause almost 12 lbs of it was the last 2 months they’d like to see no more than 3lbs in the next 4 weeks. so let me get this right, I am watching my weight? as in sort of dieting??!?!?!?!?! I just don’t get it.

I gained 45lbs by the end with Anders and was physically ok and nothing was wrong with me. so whats the problem now??  17lbs in almost 6 months sounds normal to everyone I talk to. now don’t get me wrong they aren’t being nasty or rude about it at the office but just the fact that they seem to keep on it makes me wonder and confuses me a little, isn’t the point to put on weight, not excessively but weight means a healthy baby no?? OMG they suck.

so 99 days left, 14 weeks left. he’s a champion kicker and a half. anyone want to start a weight gain pool? ha ha ha I say 27 to 30 altogether… the last 3 months are a bitch for weight gain aren’t they? I start work tomorrow and Anders starts 2nd grade, my baby boy is a second grader 😦   wish us luck 🙂