Posted: 07/28/2008 in life
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I’m bored, lonely, depressed, fat, hungry, annoyed,  tired, pissed off, low on cash and have no fucking job.

any questions?

  1. Monica h says:

    Are you mocking me !?!

  2. christyna says:

    nope actually just feeling poopy today. A is on vacation with his dad all week and walker works A LOT now cause I don’t and has softball playoffs this week, so I’ll be alone most of the week and it depresses me since I’m alone a lot as it is 😦

  3. Azaera says:

    Change don’t have a job to “have to work on my day off” and throw in “crying randomly” and that pretty much sums me up too.

  4. christyna says:

    being pregnant is as miserable as it is joyous….ha ha ha such is life I suppose.

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