oh Boy!!

Posted: 07/25/2008 in life
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verdict is in, baby is a boy!! yay! not only can they share a room but “MIL” was wrong and had to eat her annoying words (even tho she still said they could be wrong, just shut up and buy blue ya bitch, you lost ha ha) and for those critics who say they can make mistakes, we saw 5 shots 3 angles and his hands were over his face nearly the whole time (oh no baby papparazzi, no more pictures) ha ha

and best of all? I’m still the only princess in the castle, trust me its awesome to be spoiled by boys and treated special, even the dog is a boy 😉

here he is:  fake name: Eugene Hercules (priceless faces when we say this, we’re such jerks!)

baby boy at almost 20 weeks

baby boy at almost 20 weeks

  1. Newt says:

    Eugene Hercules is an awesome name. If you’re not using it for real, then I definitely am!

  2. rachel says:

    Yeah on another boy. Oh, and there is a band playing here next week, the lead singers name is Anders. It was the second time I ever heard that name.

  3. Monica h says:

    Hercules is a good strong name too 🙂

  4. Julia says:

    What a cutie. Enjoy sticking it to MIL. 🙂

  5. christyna says:

    well Anders was partial to Sponge Bob or The Punisher…even suggested Peter Parker a few weeks ago ha ha! he’s a wise guy.

    We’re happy, excited and just well…waiting for baby boy..all the way until dec. it’s only July…I’m sure when school starts I’ll eat my time dragging words quickly. school, soccer, wedding shower, wedding, friends B-days, Anders B-day, Thanksgiving…wow Sept is gonna start a mess of busy again huh? wish me luck or at least the patience I have been missing lately.

    Anders came off the album cover of a scandanavian thrash metal band interestingly enough. visit norway, the 2 most popular names are Bjorn & Anders…glad I picked Anders! ha ha ha (his dad is a bit strange).

  6. Azaera says:

    I can’t wait until August 29th when I find out what gender this seamonster is :D. Congrats on making MIL eat her words! haha. And we tell everyone the baby will be named “Dora” for a girl and “Diego” for a boy. We just don’t want them to know the real names we chose until it’s born.

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