halfway there

Posted: 07/22/2008 in life

really? through the bloody noses, terrible sleep, back aches, foot pain, ballroom dancing fetus I hadn’t noticed that I’m halfway done. Dr. said Dec 10 or 11th for a C-section, yeppers. turns out Anders at only 7 lbs was too big for this little lady’s pelvis and this one is no exception and they aren’t willing to let me try. Fine by me if it means I stop being pregnant a week early and don’t have to do 17 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing and then a c-section, that recovery was a fucking bitch if I ever saw one.

By the way baby (no more fucking baby since it can hear me now ha ha) likes coffee. I have one cup of flavory yummy creamed up coffee in the am and he/she kicks like crazy while I do my online thing. I do my internet ballet and baby does similar in my uterus. I like the comfort knowing the baby is still there, and alive. I like knowing when I bitch or am in a bad mood all I have to do is feel a kick and it makes me smile no matter what. No one else has been able to feel it yet really, they say fluttery bubbles, I assure you baby KICKS like it’s at the World Cup games. I have noticed lately a few contractions, nothing regular by any means, just a tightening that borders on uncomfortable now and then. Yesterday I had one that nearly took my breath away and lasted like 3 minutes, so I watched the clock, nothing regular. Such a pointless thing for my uterus to practice since I will probably never go into labor (knock on wood).

anyway I’m trying to grow gills by drinking obscene amounts of H2O and keep my feet up either in air conditioning or in a pool. so far so good, all belly, no cankles, unfortunately I think I lost a pound or two of what I gained, Dr will be very disapproving, very hot out causes nausea and makes me drink like 12 glasses of water or more a day (anyone need a wonder diet? extreme heat and twice as much water.) I’m 19 weeks today and I weigh 120lbs…I weighed 115lbs when I found out i was pregnant. 3 months I got up to 118 and 4 months 121….but i do remember I didn’t start really gaining with Anders (same timeline really) until month 6 and 7 then it was no holds barred and i blew up, in a good way, though not for my reflection ha ha. Anyone have any weight gain issues for summer pregnancies that their Dr didn’t act like an ass about? I mean I eat, A LOT ice cream twice a day, sandwiches, cereal, fruit, cottage cheese, i take my vitamins and eat a good dinner…I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, stop frowning at me or I’ll go get a new Dr! here’s a pic 19 weeks.


all belly at 19 weeks

all belly at 19 weeks

  1. Newt says:

    You look gorgeous, and healthy! I will kick your doctor in the shins if you need a little help.

  2. Monica h says:

    You have such an adorable baby belly and no cankles…even better!

  3. rachel says:

    Cute belly.

    I wish I weighed 120 now, ha ha.

  4. sara says:

    You look great! You have an awesome cute little belly – and the doctor shouldn’t say anything as long as the little one is progressing okay. You’re doing a great job!

  5. Julia says:

    Very cute.
    I, too, drink obscene amounts. Only thing keeping contractions
    from going medieval on my ass, or so it seems.
    Best of luck!

  6. christyna says:

    well I was always the “underweight” girl growing up. my sister 2 years younger and I wore the same clothes from my age 4 until age 18 maybe (when we were young they thought we were twins cause I was her size, so tiny). I was only 90lbs when i got pregnant with A, gained 45 lbs, 6 weeks after having him I was 103. between 27 and 30 I became a “normal” weight for my height which is only 5 feet, 115lbs. tho healthy is good and I do realize that looking like I had an eating disorder isn’t ideal when i definitely didn’t, i hope this gets my ass in gear to get back down to 110, see realistic. that last 5 lbs I never lost and then found out i was prego…weight sucks for everyone, even the “skinny”. its about being comfortable and happy, and if I find after being pregnant I’m comfortable at 115 still then good for me! I win ha ha. perspective ladies, its all about perspective.

    thanks for all the compliments and comments.

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