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Posted: 07/09/2008 in life
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for I have sinned, it’s been 2 weeks since my last posting. ha ha ha ha

17 weeks and 1 day today. seriously, it sounds bad but I really hate being pregnant, I especially hate the no drinking part right now. These hot summer months make me want a crisp ice cold beer more than anything (other than a live baby of course). mmm beer.

so this baby is gonna be the complete opposite of its older brother, or at least it is in utero so far. Anders was a kicker , maybe thats why he’s a brilliant soccer player. Anders was also the fetus that slept while I was active almost the whole time and moved when I rested (that tends to be annoying but you get used to it).  This FB (fucking baby) is almost always active, yay ha ha, but not in a good way, rarely does it give a little kick here and there, it shifts and by shift I mean apply its entire body pressing it down into my lower abdomen like an impeding poo that just ain’t happening. And the FB does this while I’m doing stuff! So Saturday I walked around the Museum Of Natural History all day, feeling and 5 inch baby crown to rump press down into my pelvis and slide from one side to the other. it almost hurts but doesn’t, it feels like constipation and is SO annoying and uncomfortable when I’m ya know trying to walk or eat or shower. I imagine its feet above it in my intestines or stomach which is why when starving I can’t seem to fit more than 5 bites of food in there. FB you suck.  anyway. other than that I shouldn’t complain. With Anders I was already so water logged and big I hated the world and my ankles, which i couldn’t see but could definitely feel, horrible last 4 months with him yuck i gained SO much weight after month 4 with Anders.

With this FB I still have only put on 5 or 6lbs, have a perfect little baby bump that looks like a kids basketball, skinny wrists and ankles with minimal swelling and have been getting lots of sleep. I can feel it moving almost all the time which is SO SO SO comforting to the brain even if it is uncomfortable to my bowels ha ha ha. 15 days until we find out the sex. Still praying for a boy just so i can be a bitch about it to his mother and sister for being so incredibly rude about the sex and names. ha ha ha I’m not bitter, just think getting even is the best revenge 🙂

Sorry I’ve been SO out of the loop around here but for once I haven’t been home really and have led an exciting week, BUT I’m ready for boring again….exciting really drained me!! heres last weeks belly pic. how I’ve only registered 5 lbs on the scale remains a mystery, but I am not gonna complain about that one!!

16 weeks

16 weeks

  1. Julia says:

    You look great!
    So what was so exciting about the week?

  2. christyna says:

    OMG I forgot to put why I have been SO busy ha ha. Thanks Julia!

    Walker’s sister, 2 neices & nephew are visiting.
    Fri they knocked on the door (unannounced of course) and walk in at like 12 maybe. we have to leave for a BBQ around 2:30. they were told this and aware of it. The kids proceed to trash my house and not listen. His sister and now mom and brother yap yap yap yap. while i’m sneaking around packing stuff (towels, extra clothes bug spray..) they finally say “well let us get out of here so you can leave {after 3 reminders} at like 3 pm. um we were supposed to leave around 2:30. Walker says well i need to shower! OMG I’ll kill someone ha ha ha. so we leave around 4, yep 4 WTF. its an hour away. He drinks and does Jello shots, which sucks cause night driving makes me VERY uncomfortable especially when I have never driven from where i will be driving. we get home fine at like 11, I had been asking to leave since 8. tired, back ache…so on.

    Saturday his mom calls at 10 am. what are we gonna do today its supposed to rain? they decide last minute the Museum of Natural History in NYC. we don’t leave til 11:30 uh huh they suck at time management. takes 40 mins to park (Walkers a wiz in the city so we can NEVER take the train which saves time and $ for parking). Then his step dad who is a know it all takes over what we’re doing, where we’re going blah blah blah. fuck that I’m pregnant. i kept sitting down, taking breaks, trying to find the bathroom (good luck its like a hidden maze) by the time we left all of us had technically skipped lunch (yeah thats great for a mother and child…not to mention 4 kids 9 and under) we were tired and cranky and hungry. we left and went to a diner right outside of NYC which meant another 20 min wait to leave the city. hello pregnant and starving over here!!! by the time our food came baby was hating me and I couldn’t eat more than 5 fries and 4 bites of tuna melt. i did drink a whole chocolate shake tho! and we had all the kids sleep over sat night…horrible idea, they wouldn’t sleep til like 12. woke up at like 8 am ewww ha haha.

    Sunday last minute again we decide (and by we I mean walkers mom and sis and 2 of walkers friends) to have an impromtu BBQ at my house. this was like 2pm, uh huh. we go get food, make food, eat food, kids galore craziness. walker has to work in the am and finally gets everyone to leave, but we don’t get to bed til like 10:30 maybe. my feet hurt, I’m tired, achey cranky and so is he at this point.

    Monday- his mom calls at 11 (anders and i slept til 10- GLORIOUS!!) heading to the pool at 12. so I pack up again to go down the street. spend like 3 or 4 hours at the pool. then we decide whats for dinner and I go home to make my thing and his mom goes to make her stuff, we eat at their house and get home like 8:30, exhausted again ha haha

    Tuesday- 9:45 am- hi we’re going to the beach today. leaving like 10:30. I’m ready I get to her house, shes about to jump in the shower…um its 10:30. we leave around 11:30, takes about 45 mins to get there. We head home like 4pm, get home like 5-5:30 cause of traffic. I finally say walker we’re not going over there tonight. we’re staying here alone, quiet and sleeping. I shower A, I shower me. and fall asleep at 9:30.

    I didn’t do a damn thing today. it was everything i thought it could be and more! (by the way, pray for me, they’re here until the18th).

    be careful what you wish for. I wished forless boring and to get out of this house….i won’t make that mistake again. all was fun just too much like work when we get home 🙂 I do have some human color in my skin now tho 🙂

  3. Monica h says:

    I wanted to continue reading this but I just couldn’t. sorry.

    17w1d is when I lost Sam.

    Hope you’re doing well.

  4. rachel says:

    You look really cute!

  5. sara says:

    Look at how freakin great you look! You have a very cute tiny little bump. 17 weeks, time is flying by…well to me it seems like it. It’s funny how different one pregnancy is to the other. This is only my first, but that is something my sister always talked about with her three kids. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  6. christyna says:

    awe now that we’ve established how cute I am, and thanks by the way its lovely to hear ha ha, went to a check up today, all is well and I gained weight! yay!! ha haha still only like 6 lbs total bit better than nothing, how in the hell am I in mostly maternity clothes and only gained 6lbs? especially since I think 4lbs of it is boobs…ewwww.

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