5 weeks to Gender U/S

Posted: 06/17/2008 in life

Ok folks, the anatomy scan is scheduled for July 25th. People have been offering up their guess, and I’m good with that. Feel free to add your 2 cents (at least I like you guys and value your comments ha ha) also I am wondering how cooperative fetus will be.

Horribly but amusingly I have to admit that sometimes we now lovingly refer to it as “fucking baby”. ha ha its funny. if anything sucks during the day we blame it on the baby. I ate something walker wanted and when he found out he said “fucking baby”. ha haha I get up to pee for the 47th time during a movie and say I have to pee, again, fucking baby. This poor thing is gonna think its name is fucking baby HA! maybe we should tell his mom thats its name.

so I am 14 weeks today. wow…wow…officially in the 2nd trimester nearly 4 months? and I am most DEFINITELY showing. slack muscles and laziness at 30 can be blamed BUT I have been walking 3 miles 2 or 3 times a week, I won’t get disgusting overweight, just maintain a healthy physique while I can push my body 3 miles, I’m sure come October the walks will be shorter ha ha.

Anders has half days the next 3 days and then is done with school and is officially a second grader…awww happy and sad at the same time.  So I’m sure my next few days will consist of entertaining him, cause he will already be “bored”. what’s he gonna do all summer? kids, never happy.

I am gonna post the most recent belly pic below, and yes I admit I look glowing and happy and wonderful. well its oily breakouts, uncomfotable sleep, ligament pains and lots of peeing, being hungry 24/7 but I only gained 3 lbs, how thats possible I’ll never know…but at least I look cute right? ha ha

I believe this was 13 weeks 1 day or so


  1. Newt says:

    You look adorable!

    And I’m going to guess girl. 🙂

  2. sara says:

    You look great! Both your tiny stomach and your hair look really great on you. Congrats on the 14 week mark, my guess is girl. Do you have any feelings one way or the other? I have this feeling I’m having a boy for whatever reason. But I honestly have no clue 🙂 Congrats again! (I love the phrase fucking baby, hehe!)

  3. Monica h says:

    Definitely cute! You can thank that “fucking baby” for that 🙂

  4. rachel says:

    You look great!

    I can’t believe Anders is still in school, school has been out here for 2 or 3 weeks.

    I am guessing you’ll have a boy.

  5. christyna says:

    I have a feeling boy. but I had a feeling Girl with Anders 😦 so who knows. The tech “predicted” boy at the 12 week scan….and I had a feeling before that. I guess we will find out soon enough. I will be happy with a healthy screaming (but cleaned off before it gets to me) baby no matter what the sex (please be a boy ha ha j/k).

    Here in NJ they start school 2 days after Labor day in Sept and it ends near June 19th every year, no idea why the north east coast runs that schedule but its been the same since I was in school way back when.

    Most people in real life are guessing girl its at least a 6:1 ratio. same happened with Anders…hmmm..

    So now Anders is “fucking kid” (not when he’s in ear shot) and fetus is still “fucking baby”. we are so mature and such great role models ha ha ha. whatever gets me through the day right?

  6. Azaera says:

    You are so cute! I think it’s a girl too.. but hey who knows. Good luck.

  7. Julia says:

    You look very cute.
    When this baby doesn’t cooperate (read: doesn’t kick enough, hides,
    etc), I call him “little shit” in Hebrew. I asked a friend how to say that.
    So mature and proud of myself. He-he.

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