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so the government has been trying to block Congress from passing an automatic 3 month extension for anyone who has exhausted their unemployment and is still unemployed. The Senate blocked it twice already recently. Congress is trying to put it through again. Meanwhile you can’t even file to get any extension at all even with dire circumstances. hi single mom…unemployment runs out in August and the job market sucks more than a $2 prostitute who needs money for crack.

So i was offered interviews for a few positions that would be a $5 and $6 pay cut, that i would have to pay $4 a gallon in gas to drive there…ha ha ha my check would be less than unemployment pays and 1/3 of it would go to big oil…nice job America. At least next time could you use some KY when you try to fuck me in the ass?, pregnancy has me uncomfortable as it is. (question to ponder- ever seen the advertisement for Black Gold on T.L.C.? they drill in the US for Oil…for a whole TV season…why are we buying from the Middle East again?)

I sent out 9 resumes today, have 3 numbers to call tomorrow and 2 fax numbers to fwd to. How much you wanna bet the only calls I get are for jobs offering $5 less an hour and just a tad further than I am willing to pay for gas to travel…..isn’t America wonderful? Meanwhile lets not forget that the rich keep getting richer and everyone else takes it up the ass….and I can’t even drink myself happy right now       😦   life can be so cruel I swear.

I do say this all with my twisted sense of humor, despite wanting to panic, I sit here laughing at the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in….I say we go back to Horses for transportation and wampum for trade…who’s with me?!

The baby kicked me so hard two nights ago it woke me up,, and I sat up all sorts of confused like I don’t have to pee, what the hell woke me up?…there it is again, what the fuck is that? OMG i remember this, its kicking me!! others can’t feel it yet, but this sucker went from weak and uncoordinated fluttering overnight to Beck.ham’s prodigy…so soon they’ll all enjoy it with me 🙂 cheers…someone have a bottle of Pino Grigio for me this weekend please!!

**update- I heard on the news this morning (and then checked online) that they passed the extension for unemployment benefits. Anyone receiving unemployment between now and March will get an automatic 13 week extension because of how terrible the job market and economy are. score one for the little people! That take me to Thanksgiving and about 2 weeks from my scheduled C-section…I’ll take it.  so now to find a part time job from Sept to Dec just for added $ to sock away and keep my partial benefits…wish me luck. Unfortunately I doubt I will be eligible for disability now when I am at home with baby…so we’ll have to bust our butts (and by our I mean walkers) and sock extra $ away to cover Dec and Jan with one income only  😦   we do what we gotta do right?


5 weeks to Gender U/S

Posted: 06/17/2008 in life

Ok folks, the anatomy scan is scheduled for July 25th. People have been offering up their guess, and I’m good with that. Feel free to add your 2 cents (at least I like you guys and value your comments ha ha) also I am wondering how cooperative fetus will be.

Horribly but amusingly I have to admit that sometimes we now lovingly refer to it as “fucking baby”. ha ha its funny. if anything sucks during the day we blame it on the baby. I ate something walker wanted and when he found out he said “fucking baby”. ha haha I get up to pee for the 47th time during a movie and say I have to pee, again, fucking baby. This poor thing is gonna think its name is fucking baby HA! maybe we should tell his mom thats its name.

so I am 14 weeks today. wow…wow…officially in the 2nd trimester nearly 4 months? and I am most DEFINITELY showing. slack muscles and laziness at 30 can be blamed BUT I have been walking 3 miles 2 or 3 times a week, I won’t get disgusting overweight, just maintain a healthy physique while I can push my body 3 miles, I’m sure come October the walks will be shorter ha ha.

Anders has half days the next 3 days and then is done with school and is officially a second grader…awww happy and sad at the same time.  So I’m sure my next few days will consist of entertaining him, cause he will already be “bored”. what’s he gonna do all summer? kids, never happy.

I am gonna post the most recent belly pic below, and yes I admit I look glowing and happy and wonderful. well its oily breakouts, uncomfotable sleep, ligament pains and lots of peeing, being hungry 24/7 but I only gained 3 lbs, how thats possible I’ll never know…but at least I look cute right? ha ha

I believe this was 13 weeks 1 day or so


 a haircut (so handsome)


 hose wars (heat index has been 100-105)


 and a little pot belly (this was 11 weeks 4 days)

** there is an ultrasound pic of “fetus” at the bottom of this post**

So I have been applying for jobs for over 2 weeks now. I have to get to work soon for several reasons. here are a few:

1. I will be showing, noticeable within the next 2 to 4 weeks, I already have a little bump that is noticeable to the people closest to me.

2. My unemployment runs out in August BUT I will already be beyond showing and never get hired anywhere.

3. If I do not get back to work by mid/end of July I will not make the “20 working weeks out of 52 weeks in ayear” for disability on maternity leave from whatever job I get.

4. Money is a serious issue right now. 2 years ago when I was out of work I had no truck payment and we paid $150 less in rent. it’s been rough. We will never make it through maternity leave without going bankrupt and completely screwing ourselves unless I get back to work.

SO other than that going on all is great. “fetus” is measuring perfectly. Heartbeat is 176 bpm, we saw it suck it’s thumb and kick a few times. The neck folds measure normal, the nasal passage is perfect. and tho the tech said she shouldn’t and normally doesn’t say anything this early her “prediction” is boy.

Walkers Mom is starting to annoy me, they all (monster in laws) do it at some point. the disapproving face, with the “no I don’t like it” comment or whatever. we have a few names we’ve been tossing around for a boy (the girl is set in stone) she likes one more than any of the others and is not afraid to be a bitch about it at all. Which of course makes me like the name less and the one she hates more ha! What is it about them thinking that instead of suggesting or sharing that they need to show strong distaste or act as if we are 15 and they can say no?? You don’t get a Veto honey, have your own baby. She even had the nerve to say “Nope, the tech is wrong, it’s a girl. no she was wrong, the heart beat is fast everyone knows a heartbeat for a girl is faster” just wouldn’t let it go. Now we said it’s too early to know for sure and we were just telling her what was said and still the adamant “Nope”. I hope its a boy and I hope we name it the one she hates, would serve her right. Her job abilities include retail sales associate and teacher’s aid for 18 month olds, I missed the part where she’s a ultrasound tech too. Bitch. whew that felt good to vent.

Why is it the minute you get pregnant, miscarry or have a kid people think it’s approriate to talk to anyone this way? She knows I have a 7 year old for Christ Sake she was good friends with My parents and watched me mother him and grow up, I think I’ve proven I don’t need advice unless I ask for it.

Next weekend we go back to OB/GYN for the blood test results of Fridays Downs/Trisomy 18 test and another check up. i will also find out if I am making a separate appt to check the sex at the end of July or if I have to wait til the beginning of August regular check up. I’d prefer July as there is an out of state shower they are planning, one here and my sister’s wedding shower and wedding all before baby comes. yeah thats a lot. (Bad timing baby, but I welcome it with open arms, even if you ruin my first born’s next Christmas, I’ll still love you more than anything in the world (other than Anders of course, i will love you both the same amount). Ha ha I needed that vent. I’ve been lonely and bored and frustrated on the job front and it was starting to really get me down, when I should be walking on cloud 9.

and now here is fetus at 12 weeks 3 days: