busted lip & Anders first stitches

Posted: 05/22/2008 in Uncategorized
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So last weekend we were so completely unmotivated that we were bored and cranky. this has never happened in our house. After the initial happiness and sigh of relief from our Dr visit we had no desire to do anything at all I guess the tension and stress of waiting for good news wound us up tighter than we thought. We didn’t clean, Walker usually spends a good 4 hours just goin nuts cleaning on saturdays, we didn’t go outside, all the gardening was done, there was nothing good on tv. we all lounged around lazy half napping and saying I’m bored …until mid sunday. Usually when Anders wrestles with the dog I insist several times he back away from the furniture and get onto the open carpeted area of the livingroom. apparently walker and I don’t have to follow those same warnings…ooops. so the dog was barking at Walker for pretending to come at me and then Anders jumped on Walkers back and we were all goofing off. What happened next I watched in mommy slow motion vision. Anders was thrown off Walkers back and towards our arm chair. I saw his face heading for it, knew it would cut and bleed and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

I immediately grabbed him and sat him down, put my hand over his mouth and shouted at Walker to get a dark colored washcloth wet it with cold water and bring it to me immediately. dark colored so the child doesn’t notice the blood, they freak and face cuts bleed more when they freak, little tip for you moms and will be moms, it really works. he was dripping blood in my hand, I covered it with the wet towel and then told Anders I knew it was scary and hurt but he needed to be calm so I could stop the bleeding and look at it and if he cried I wouldn’t be able to. I asked walker to get me a baggy with some ice in it. As I switched the wet rag for the ice I saw he spilt the top of his lip through to the bottom right outside the skin on his bottom lip. He was gonna need a stitch or two. We went, he cried and was scared, I talked him into being brave and holding back the tears long enough to get the job done cause he would make it bleed again. and for the most part he was SO brave, barely cried or whimpered and got his first 3 stitches. Meanwhile his Dad told him when his Mom was 22 she had to get stitches in her finger, my finger, and cried and carried on so much they asked her to be quiet as she was scaring the kids in other rooms. true story I’m a wuss. But I am so proud of Anders and actually kind of proud of myself for maintaining my cool and doing what had to be done so quickly. The first time he busted his mouth I picked him up and handed him to my Mom and said here deal with this I can’t do it ha ha. blood is gross and this time I was catching the blood with my hand and wore the blood streaks all the way to the Dr. I’ve come a long way baby.

Big Brother was so brave we told him he was gonna be a big brother. I made him a shirt that says “big brother December 2008” and he didn’t quite get it at first, was happy but didn’t realize I was already pregnant. Now he occasionally stops and waves at my belly ha ha. he’s adorable and told me he will tell his brother or sister how he fought off a puma and had to get 3 stitches…yeah he’s just fine.

What a crazy busy weekend and week. Of course he couldn’t eat well the first 2 days so missed school Monday and Tuesday and I haven’t had my nap since Saturday and am SO tired. But a nap is in order today, finally. whew. I hope all is well with you guys.

We’re just counting down to June 6th and our combo screening so we can see what looks like a baby instead of a peanut.


** also anyone who uses wordpress like to enlighten me as to how to add widgets to my sidebar without the rest of my sidebar disappearing and nothing showing up in the widget box too, that would be wonderful…I tried like 10 times and it doesn’t work  😦

  1. rachel says:

    Oh I am so not looking forward to the first time LG needs stitches. Thanks for the washcloth tip! Looks like I need to make a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond!

  2. sara says:

    Aw, I hope your little one is feeling better soon – and you get that well deserved nap! Ouch that sounded painful, but what a good thought on using a dark washcloth – I’ll definitely have to remember that one! I hope June 6th comes really quickly for you and you get another great scan.

  3. christyna says:

    My Mom taught me that one. I always wondered why we had navy blue and rust colored washcloths when our towels were pastel greens and blues. she told me when I had Anders that generally kids don’t feel too much pain and remain calm unless they see blood then they FREAK, so she has always had dark washcloths. I think it helps us moms too though cause looking at blood spread into a wet rag is pretty bad for anyone. I will never forget that tip and always buy 2 navy washcloths when I buy towels.

    no nap, 3 calls woke me up. I hate people :p

  4. Newt says:

    Wow, quick thinking. I hope Anders is back on his feet, and you can get off yours!

  5. Monica h says:

    What a courageous boy- he fought off a cougar and ONLY needed 3 stitches- wow!

    The dark wash cloth makes sense. Any time I’m bleeding I grab one of our darker plum colored towels. But mailnly because if it stains I won’t be able to see it as much. And blood on white- eew!

  6. Azaera says:

    Wow ouch! Thanks so much for the tip about dark washcloths. it makes perfect sense and I never even thought of that before. And thanks for the comment on my blog. I’ve been taking prenatals for the whole time so maybe thats why I haven’t been too sicklike. Good job handling the stitches situation, I just know I’m going to fall apart the first time that happens. it’s scary enough letting them leave the womb!

  7. christyna says:

    happy to report I slept almost 12 hours last night. I SO needed that. Taking him to the Dr. to get his stitches out today, he’s eating normal and is all good.
    If I could have fallen apart when he bit his lip I surely would have. When my Mom lived here it was easier to let her do it cause I wanted to fall apart, now I do what I gotta do.
    so I’m well rested, got a few errands to run, one being getting the ingredients to my dill red potato salad to make for a BBQ tomorrow. mmmm. maybe I’ll post a pic and the recipe when its done, it so delicious.

    I’m also bringing margarita mix and limeade instead of tequilla for me and the kids to have non alcoholic drinks, I think they’ll enjoy that and so will I. SO refreshing!!

  8. Julia says:

    Wow– that must’ve been scary. Thanks for the tip on the washcloths.
    Good deal on getting to sleep in, and best of luck on the 6th.

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