Several Random Things- revised

Posted: 11/29/2007 in life

no clue what happened I saved then published and it’s empty…Karma for being absent so long? ha ha stay tuned for the recreated post I suppose…damn technology!

 Honestly I have no idea what I wrote before. i know it had to do with writing Walker a letter to tell him how much I loved and appreciated him because people fail to do that a lot. and life is short. I didn’t give it to him yet, but I will soon (maybe today since I bit his head off this morning).

 We moved over Thanksgiving to a bigger place with nicer, quieter neighbors. We absolutely love it. So hopefully now that I’m all unpacked and settled I can get on here with a little bit more frequency.

 Another thing i wrote before? ….oh! Anders is now in the everything is a funny joke phase of life, which I could do without when I’m trying to discipline him…this too shall pass.

 Another woman who’s blog I read (in fact read from back to front in about a week) just had a healthy beautiful baby boy. The world is not all bad. I’m so happy for her and her husband.

and one I know wasn’t in the original but comes to mind now. I met my friend’s 9 month old son T.J. on Saturday (12/1/07). I am in love with this child. He’s happy, beautiful, great disposition and so smart. He adored Walker, sat on his lap and played and smiled. I just wanted to take him home with me. When I see, and can touch a child that young I start thinking….why wait? isn’t this what it’s all about? You can endure the stress and depression of a few miscalculated ovulations until one sticks if this is the end result…..can I? Who knows. we did take a break and I bet you even tho we did, come time for Aunt Flo I’ll still be sad anyway. At least when I try I’m sad for a real reason.

 I sound whiney and cranky. mainly because I am. PMS is not fun today. Hope you’re out there feeling better than I am today, tho despite sounding cranky I’m actually ok.

  1. christyna says:

    I did give Walker the letter. I snuck it into his lunch box the other night so when he took it out to pack lunch first thing in the am he’d find it. He came right in and woke me up to say thank you and he loves me too.

    and he brought me flowers yesterday cause I didn’t feel good. awww.

  2. christyna says:

    oh wow I miss these days. Perhaps I should write a letter to him, dear W you have been a mean son of a bitch lately etc etc that is all….nah that won’t do.

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