I didn’t RSVP for a reason

Posted: 09/26/2007 in life

I will never understand why people think it is okay to drop you into the middle of their drama. It upsets everything Walker and I have been trying to accomplish. We’ve been trying to deal with the very early loss of our baby. Oh that baby was loved from the minute the 2 lines showed up. We never even thought in a million year we’d lose it at 7 weeks. 7 weeks. You can fall in love, imagine a face, look forward to holding your love and the bond between parents just growing closer. and in a 1 to 5 statistic it’s gone, and after 7 to 14 days it’s out of everyone’s minds so they think you’re over it. We’re not. Yeah some days you kinda forget, you’re busy or it’s a good day but it’s still there. waiting for a moment to remind you. You see a baby, or you think when this baby is…oh there is no baby. you touch your stomach. You wonder what kind of G-d could do this to people?

I’m really sick of people dragging us into their personal bullshit, their drama, their marital problems, their insecurities because more and more it seems like they want sympathy and attention not someone to listen or suggest. And in turn when they’re “fine” the next day make you feel like a jerk for even caring you wanna smack them. I don’t need that! I don’t need you stressing me out and making Walker upset. we have our own problems, our own issues, our own lives to live and lately I feel like no one wants to let us live it. We want peace, quiet, love, a little more simplicity…. doubt that’s ever gonna happen around these parts.

Thanks for the invite to your drama, your pity party, your desperate need for attention but we didn’t RSVP for a reason.

  1. Monica H says:

    Yes, you can fall in love that easily and quickly, especially when it’s something you have wanted and created out of love. That’s what that baby was- love.

    I’m sorry others have already forgotten it. It’s easy for people to do that when they are so wrapped up in their own lives. I share your pain and frustration.

  2. christyna says:

    Thank you Monica. It’s human nature when it’s not technically your problem to “forget” about it. Fine forget about it but don’t add stress to my life while your at it.

    I wish you didn’t share my pain and frustration, that means you’ve experienced loss and for that I’m sorry.

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